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Meet the newest member of our team ;-)

Leia is my early birthday gift from Joni that we are finally introducing to you. She settled in just fine in our Bedford flat and now ready to be part of the quality assurance process of future projects. Hopefully you will like her as much as we do :-)… And no, she never has been […]


Our weekend in Norfolk

Last weekend we were really lucky to visit Norfolk! We stayed in Yarmouth (a seaside town) and the next morning we had an amazing time at Claire and Jason wedding (our first wedding after me and Joni got married!!). But’ lets’s stop there at the seaside. I am big fan of seaside, especially the ones […]


Things I look forward to in September

September is my favourite (after April and May of course)! And that’s not because it’s my birthday month (pic above is me – thirty years ago)! I love September, because it represent new beginnings and I can start work from new perspective. The wether change indicates that I can finally start counting down till Christmas! […]


Things I look forward to in March

As March is coming very soon I thought I will share about the things I most look forward to in this first month of spring. Here they are: 1. SPRING of course! Its my favourite time of the year! I look forward to picking wild flowers by the river Lea. I look forward to longer […]


Wake up to an autumn Sunday coffee ♥

Since today is an International Coffee Day, I have decided to share how I recently started drinking spiced  coffee! I once tried spiced coffee in the food exhibition and it tasted surprisingly AMAZING. Although I would not recommend this coffee for an everyday brew, I occasionally enjoy it on Sunday mornings :). SPICED COFFEE (for […]


Cake decorating

I have celebrated my birthday today so I have had a good opportunity to bake a fancy cake. I generally don’t like overly decorated cake as then it can look like a statue, not a treat ;). I love cakes decorated with fruits and berries (sometimes flowers) that gives a rustic appeal. I baked honey […]


International Chocolate Day! Yay!

So as it turns out, today is a International Chocolate day! For this lovely occasion I thought I will share my 10 favourites… Chocolate brownie (with peanut butter and caramel) Vicki’s favourite chocolate mousse Royal truffles Cup-cheesecakes Coconut and mixed berries mousse Black forest gateau  Chocolate flan cake “Rolo” peanut butter cupcakes Wine chocolate cupcakes […]


Make your own apron

I made this apron for my friend Vickie (late birthday gift) who is wonderful in cooking (great chopping skills may I say). This was also a good chance for me to try out my new vintage sewing machine which works like a dream and it was quite affordable on e-bay.  Few things had to be fixed of […]


Back to my childhood….

It is my birthday today and my mum and my little brother have visited me here  in London. So my mum baked me an apple cake (not a pie) as my birthday cake (well I requested that from her). It is very basic cake and even my brother could have baked it, but it brings […]


"Kaziuko Muge" (Little Casimir’s Fair)

Those of you who are Lithuanian (and maybe Polish or Russian or Latvian) might know what “Kaziuko Muge” is. For those of you who is not aware I will try to describe it. Well it is a Lithuanian fair where lots of people come together on the street and sell hand made stuff like jewelery, crafts, food […]


The moment of Desperate Housewives

I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of the American sitcom “Desperate Housewives”. In fact that’s the only TV program I watch! Anyway, there is one part I find really funny where Bree (the one that has her own catering business) tried to steal the recipe from Katherine (one of her […]