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Photography challenge: shutter speed to capture motion

 When I was searching how to use speed shutter I came across many beautiful pictures like these on Pinterest, which inspired me to do photography focused on motion. Although shutter speed is meant to control the light that comes through the lens it seem that it is often used to capture the moment in very […]


Photography challenge: focusing on still life

While last month I was playing around with DSLR to find out what it can do, this month I decided to focus more on focus …basically trying to achieve focus in my pictures where I want it and in what depth I want it (not letting camera to decide for me automatically). This is why […]


How to make mini triangle confetti

Confetti was not the love at the first sight but something that I fell in love with over time. Now when I see some confetti sprinkled anywhere I get really really excited! It makes everything so much more joyful and thats what you need when the new year is approaching. And it can be used […]


My reflections on 2016

Can you believe it? Tomorrow we are entering 2017! (I personally feel its going to be the best year ever). But for now I would like to reflect on 2016. I must admit it was’t the easiest year, but I guess you need those type as well sometimes ;-). Don’t get me wrong, there were […]


New Year resolutions + free printable 2015 calendar

Wow! It’s 2015 already! I hope you had great New Year celebrations! Every year I love making New Year resolutions (some are more effective then others). Last year I set simple goals, mainly because I knew it was going to be a very exciting and busy year personally (planning a wedding takes up a lot […]


Things I look forward to in July

I can’t believe the wedding month is round the corner! Only one week left until the big day! Here is what I am looking forward to in July :-D. 1. OUR WEDDING of course! There are still a lot of things left to do for the day, but hoping my to-do list will soon be […]


Things I look forward to in May

I can’t believe its another month gone, last month of Spring! Here is what I am looking forward in May: 1. MY HOUSE RENOVATION TO BE FINISHED! Generally I like decorating my home and adding all those creative details in it. But currently I am insulating the walls, so if you can imagine it is […]