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Christmas spirit

Glitter Bird Decoration

Last week I have made these glitter bird decorations which did look super cute with the rest of the decorations :-). I suppose everyone is sorted with their decorations so I don’t suggest changing everything completely! But if you do want extra christmas spirit and would love to make those then click here!

glitter bird decoration

glitter bird decoration

Merry Christmass!

Rasa :)


Gift idea for teens

gift idea for teens

To be honest, I struggle every year on what gift to get for my teenage brothers. I am sure this is a struggle for everybody! I guess their wishes are often expensive and they certainly are not as excited about handmade gift as you are. So this year I have decided to give my brothers something funny, small and most importantly low in budget. I have bought many little gifts from Tiger including neon sticks and fake dog shit :D. If this is the way you want to go this year, than I also suggest visiting good old Poundland.

gift idea for teens

To package your gifts is easy. Here are the DIY instructions for mini gift boxes.

I hope you are inspired ;)



Upcycled crochet stars

Upcycled star garlandI always have lots of yarn stash to knit with. This project is perfect to use up small amounts that are hiding in your basket. To crochet these stars I have used a string that I have been collecting from Abel&Cole veg boxes. So that makes them upcycled too! Click here for a full DIY instructions.

Rasa xoxo


Christmas gift for him

loafers for him

I think you would agree that getting a gift for a dad or any man is a difficult task. My dad often ends up getting pair of socks or a tie. So this year I thought of something different. I loved the knitted loafers that I made for myself so I thought I will remake it in manly size. I also made it extra protective and strong by taking Sian’s advice and attaching soles on them! What do you think? Click here for Loafers For Him Project with the step-by-step instructions.

Loafers for him

That’s something to do for a weekend ;)

Rasa xoxo


Gift Packaging!

crocheted flower gift packaging

I know I know, this might be too early for some of you, but I have already started gift wrapping my gifts for Christmas! I am being really organised this year ;). Here is how I packaged a scarf that I knitted for my mum. The idea is really simple, unless you still need to learn how to crochet mini doilies. In this case you need to learn the basics in crocheting and following simple doily diagrams on Pinterest should be easy. So if you up and ready for this, click here for instructions on how to package your gift using two crocheted mini doilies, button and the cord (or thin ribbon).

Crocheted flower gift packaging

Have a nice week!

Rasa xoxo


Halloween decoration idea

leaf garland

I must admit I am not the biggest fan of halloween decoration, just because it is hard to make it pretty… well its not meant to be pretty anyways, it’s suppose to be scary ha ha :D.

Regardless my feelings towards the halloween deco, I had a go at it this year. And I am quite pleased with this Halloween decoration idea! I especially like that this painted leaf garland can be used in any occasion. Just think of using different colours and letters!

Check out the detailed painted leaf project DIY here.

desk halloween decoration

Rasa :)


Protect and customise your favourite books!


The other day me and my friend Vickie (and Nadine) went for a afternoon coffee. While at the cafe, Vicki taught me how to cover the books so they last longer. I don’t know about you, but when I use the book over and over again I tend to really destroy it. So I am really happy to be able to protect my books in this pretty way ♥ ♥ ♥

Try it out for yourself ;). The “how to” instructions are here!


Happy book loving!

Rasa ♥ ♥ ♥


10 pillow challenge: done!


As you may know already last month we have been really busy with the 10 pillow challenge and I am happy to say it’s now achieved! Yay!

Extra pillows will be soooo useful for tonight’s mini knitting group meet! Still interested to join us? Check out the availability on the events page.

The list of pillows that have been made:

  1. Crocheted pillow
  2. Printed pillow
  3. Knitted pillow
  4. Lace edged pillow
  5. Cross stitched pillow
  6. Woven pillow
  7. Patchwork pillow
  8. Embroidered pillow
  9. Appliqued pillow
  10. A bird pillow


Thanks for your support ;)

Rasa xox


10 pillow challenge: appliqued one

button hole stitch

We are almost at the end of 10 pillow challenge and there is only one more pillow to go!

This one includes a quick tutorial on button hole stitch which is essential for applique method.

To access the instructions go here!

Appliqued pillow

Happy Friday!

Rasa :)


10 pillow challenge: embroidered one

Couch stitch

I learned a new a new stitch called couching (funny name) that I wanted to try out for quite sometime. So when I decided to make another pillow for my challenge I went with this technique. I hope you like it too! Here are the embroidered pillow DIY instructions.


You learn something new everyday ;)

Rasa xox