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10 pillow challenge: patch-worked one

Triangle patchwork variations

After having a long relaxing weekend there is always the time when you have to come back to work :(… So I returned to my pillow challenge today to do some patch-working. This one is simple, but quite creative as there are many pattern variations ;) Don’t you just love that? Here are the instructions!





Cosmetic bag for Vicki ;)


I made this cosmetic bag for Vicki, because her old one… well, just became very old and worn! Vicki likes her cosmetics organised in different compartments so I thought this one would be a perfect replacement. It even has a zipped internal bag where you can hideaway all your private bits and bobs (pss… we all have them!).

Here are the DIY instructions!



Happy organised days!

Rasa :)


10 pillow challenge: knitted one


Past couple of days I have been knitting a pillow as part of my pillow challenge and I had to carry this big yarn roll every time I am on the go (I could have wind down a smaller yarn ball from it, but I suppose I have been lazy to do that!).

The pillow is finally finished! So if you want to make it for yourself you can find a pattern here.



Let me know what you think ;)

Rasa x


10 pillow challenge: triangle crocheted one


As my knitting group is expanding I have decided to make my house a little bit more cosy by crafting more cushions and pillows. I have been dreaming about sewing/knitting/crocheting  pillows for quite a while now, pretty much as soon as the big dream to open a cafe were born! My challenge is to make 10 pillows during the last summer month, so keep your fingers crossed!

My first pillow is inspired by this crochet triangle pattern that I have learned from this very old book that my mum had.



The DIY instructions for this pillow can be found here ;)


Do you have any suggestions for me on what pillows shall I make? If so contact me, I would love to hear!

Rasa ;)


Quick Jewellery

As Vickie was moving away from London to Twickenham (she has started there her new job with children) there was lots unwanted items to give away. Jewellery was one of them. Do you have any unwanted jewellery that you no longer wear? If yes, this post is for you. That’s because here I will share how I have made some simple jewellery by reusing Vickie’s beaded accessories! I started by breaking some necklaces down and then just playing around with ribbons and other beads that I had. That was quite fun, which kept me occupied for couple of days.

This necklace was one of the first. I made it by incorporating large beads with ribbon and some elasticated see-trough string.

The other necklace I made after seeing this on Pinterest.
Have fun with beads!
Rasa xo

Cat pillow DIY

I don’t know about you but having a pet in London is quite a difficulty, especially if you are renting. I once wanted a cat, but came across other issues. This is quite a long story… ok, ok, I will say it quick: I wanted to adopt, but RSPCA was so concerned about me not working full time that they did not even bother to visit my place. I am still confused if I wasn’t adopting a child instead of pet, because part time job = can’t support a cat financially! Really? Anyways, I am happy I was not considered, because I don’t know how I would be baking now? Imagine all those hair all over the place. Maybe next time! 
Vickie’s flatmate, Fränzel would also like a cat, but can’t have it in rented place :-(. So as a gift (Vickie is leaving the house, so she wanted to give something nice to remember), we decided to make a stuffed cat! I know I know this might not replace a real cat, but look at those extra uses for it. You can have it as a cushion or a decoration, or a neck pillow! So don’t be sad if you are not able to keep a pet, make a stuffed one to cheer you up! ;-)  
Here are the instructions!
When your stuffed cat is finished, you can….
Are you relaxed?
Rasa ;)

Make your own apron

I made this apron for my friend Vickie (late birthday gift) who is wonderful in cooking (great chopping skills may I say). This was also a good chance for me to try out my new vintage sewing machine which works like a dream and it was quite affordable on e-bay.  Few things had to be fixed of course, but I still recommend old fashioned machine to anybody who wants to sew (not manual however, unless you want to be making apron for one month). And if you do get a vintage machine I really recommend Jennie (from London) who was really really helpful (and positive), it was so lovely to meet her!

Anyway I made the apron… happy happy! (I used to sew a lot in the past when I studied Fashion at Uni, so was feeling a bit nostalgic, missing all this sewing experience)…. And this is how I wrapped the gift…

So how did I make it? Well… try it for yourself! Here are the instructions.

Let me know how it goes ;)

Rasa xox


Are you feeling Christmasy yet?

I love Christmas! Everything about it! I especially love baking and decorating. Have you done your Christmas decorating yet? I am sure you did! I have seen so many of my friends on Facebook putting all these wonderful pics of their homes which kind of put me under pressure. Because me as always never on time with this. And this is not because I have lack of inspiration, this is because I always run out of time. So here we go, I finally unloaded what was in my head already all made (including baking) and ready to go….

I even knitted this bird shape hanging decoration and if you remember last year’s post on Christmas decoration,this is exactly the pattern I used.

This bird decoration is not only for Christmas (it is for keeps ;). The knitting pattern for it is here!

Happy Christmas decorating!

Rasa xox


Christmas decorations! (if it is not too late)

I love Christmas, especially the preparation for Christmas bit… you know, buying gifts and decorating… except I have not had a chance to decorate the festive tree for quite some time! You see, I usually spend Christmas in Lithuania and often I find that by the time I get there my little brothers (aged 12 and 9 years) get it all decorated without me…. Well, this year I thought I will go to Lithuania early therefore in advance I tried to negotiate if I could get at least one tree. It wasn’t easy as my little brother got stuck with those traditions that the tree should be decorated exactly on 1st of December as that’s when Advent starts. However I managed and the Christmas tree viewed above now is mine!

I don’t know but I most likely to be late with Christmas  decorations, but if you are like me (being late) and stuck for ideas, there you go – I am sharing here with you!

Happy decorating!

Rasa xox