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May favourites

Bye Bye MayIt's June already so essentially you could call it summer, but somehow it doesn't feel like summer :(. Although I do believe it will come soon! For now I thought I will share my May favourites.

First I was addicted to strawberries (I guess thats what baby wants and needs :-D). No wonder I ate almost one pack of strawberries almost every day! I finally tried making a clotted cream from scratch so I could have my strawberry filled cream tea. Click here to see how it went.cream tea: making clotted cream from scratchI finished my favourite book of the year ("Two Caravans" by Marina Lewycka), the next book "Sense and Sensibility" is quite challenging (did not start it yet as I find old language difficult to understand and therefore off-putting). "two caravans" book reviewI absolutely loved this refreshing chilled cucumber soup, I wish warm days come soon so I can have it for every lunch (well, almost).Chilled cucumber soupI finished crocheting my crop top, although a little late :-(. It is making me look a bit... well... fat, because it is loose and look wide on my new bump. This made me realise the importance of highlighting the bump when pregnant as the risk of looking fat is very high!Finished cropped crochet top: don't quite fit with my new bump :-DHave a fun June!

Rasa xoxo


My maternity wear wish list

Rubber band trick to adapt jeans for maternityAccording to my pregnancy apps today I am half way in my pregnancy (as difficult as it is to believe it!!). Although I look like I just ate a really good breakfast (don't look very pregnant at all), I no longer fit into my regular jeans :-(. I tried the rubber band trick on the jeans to fit my new shape (pic above), but that only worked for few weeks or so. After that I had a phase of wearing dresses only. Right now I am a proud owner of two pairs of maternity jeans! I initially planned to make some alterations to my existing jeans, but then realised I did not have any not-so-liked jeans that I could risk and destroy.

So far I have two lovely maternity dresses (one from Mothercare and one from M&S), very comfy boyfriend cut jeans and super good looking skinny jeans. I am thinking I need to get nice shorts as well, but not too sure if it will be practical since I will be wearing them maximum for two months...My wish list: H&M Mama denim shortsWould love to own this so-it-seems-very-versatile black dress even if it's a little pricy.  My wish list: Isabelle Oliver Arran Maternity DressI am also in love with this so-my-style dress, however a bit not sure about it's length. Maybe I should make my own?My wish list: ASOS maternity shirt dress And the last but not least, I am thinking I will need lots of basic vests. Can't go wrong with them, can you?

Hope you have a great week and remember it is shorter then other weeks ;-)

Rasa xoxo


April favourites

Sheep named Lucky from the farm in CobhamApril has been really exciting and we have some big news to tell! But you have to wait till the end of this post for it (so no peaking!).

First, we all celebrated Easter, spend a lovely time with the family in Woking.  While there we went for a walk with these three (bellow) and I even had an opportunity to visit a private farm in Cobham where I have met some pretty sheep :-).Walks in Surrey :)We had a mild "heat wave" here in England... can you believe that? I made this one ingredient ice cream to keep myself ingredient ice cream (almost!) We celebrated Princess Leia's birthday, which was quite fun (I have never celebrated pet's birthday before). Princess Leia birthday "cake"And... finally big news!!!... tam ta ram!!!... We are expecting another Pelham edition to our family sometime in October!Our big news!!!Looking forward to may ;-)



Leia’s birthday celebrations!

Leia's Birthday CelebrationsYesterday Princess Leia turned 1 years old (Yey!), which makes her and an adult cat now (even though she still acts like a teenager). I decided to celebrate it today however, because Saturday is the day when I am mostly free! I made her a "cake" out of tuna decorated with the treats (because she just would not enjoy a regular birthday cake) and tried placing a tiara on her head...Leia's Birthday CelebrationsTo be completely honest after seeing this a while ago I had a specific image in my head how I would celebrate Leia's birthday. However I later realised that Leia is a cat and would not voluntarily wear a hat or eat a sweet cake (I don't even think this would be safe for her to eat). But since she is a Princess I thought I could at least make her wear a tiara. Initially I thought I could crochet it, but then I shouted to myself "whom am I kidding?". This much effort for crocheted tiara would most likely go to waist! Thats when I made a tiara out of paper. Leia's Birthday CelebrationsAs suspected Princess Leia did not like her crown :-(.Leia's Birthday CelebrationsBut we made her wear it anyways :-DLeia's Birthday CelebrationsFancy making tiara for your own cat? here is the drawing. All you need to do is cut it out and staple both ends together for the size you need ;-). Kitten's tiaraWell... At least Leia liked her birthday "cake"!Leia's Birthday CelebrationsI hope you have been entertained :-)

Rasa xoxo


March favourites

Goodbye MarchMarch brought the spring! It's definitely getting more cheerful and warm here :-). Look at the flowers everywhere...Spring flowers from my sisterIn the begining of the month I have visited Lithuania. March is when we celebrate my mum's and my little brother's birthdays so I thought I will make a surprise visit (although the surprise did not quite work out this time). I loved going to the forest (right next to our home) for a walk almost everyday, it was the best holiday so far this year! Look at this pretty bird that bumped into our window (don't worry he is ok now). A little bird from the forestOh and I saw eclipse for the first time in my life! The sun looked like a moon in the sky at night. Quite amazing!Eclipse 2014Have done few massy crafts this month. Some painting (handmade card for mother's day of course)...Handmade everythingAnd some marbling with nail polish on Easter Eggs!

Speaking of Easter, I will be away... so will catch up next week?!Marbling using nail polishHappy Easter!

Rasa xoxo


February favourites

February favourites!February did go slow no matter how short it was until the 14th when I received some flowers from Joni and suddenly remembered that spring is just round the corner (and it is technically spring today! yey!).

Joni's original idea for flowers was wire painted flowers, however he did run out of time to make them so we both ended up creating all afternoon. It was some messy Valentine's day afternoon! February favouritesThen I finally had enough of courage to cut my own hair! See the turn out here.Giving myself a haircut for the first time... Ahhh!February is the month when I replaced my porridge with overnight oats. Looking forward to trying out more flavours and grains! Switching porridge to overnight oats! And the last thing that have happened in February is that we have relaunched our social group meets. This time it is bigger and better in so many ways. Check out the details here.Crafty afternoons in Bedford (join us please!)Happy March everyone!

Rasa xoxo


January favourites!

Friendly Nettle 2015 calendar (free printable) It's february already and instead of sharing about things I look forward in this month I have decided to review the previous month. After all, it's good to plan and look forward to the future but it's also great to look back and review your favourite moments and what you have already achieved in your goal planning.

If I had to describe january in one word I would call it "calm" or "peaceful". I felt so much more in control of things this month then any other. Could that be because I had spend the first week of this year at the beach (well, almost), or is it because I set more realistic goals this time? Anyhow, my new calendar (that I designed and planned myself, free printable is here) really helped me to take small steps towards my monthly goals! florida coconut beachOne of my goals this year to read more books. I am on my last chapters of "Flora and Grace" and I am so looking forward to sharing with you about it!florida coconut beachI am also getting slowly addicted to Instagram (only slightly). Although I don't post many pics myself, I love following some creative people out there! @andsmilestudio is my fav! However I quite miss Pinterest system where you can save the pins into a board (so you could come back to it later). Instead I worked out that I can take a screen shot to save some of very very very inspiring Instagrams! My favourite thing to follow on instranghamAnd I also thought I will post this pic of Leia helping me to organise my yarn stash! Surprisingly she is not the one who messes it up (it's me mostly), but the most trouble she creates when I try to focus on my work and she want to be right there in front of me... grrrr!Leia is "helping" to organise my yarn stash!One of my most fun weekends this month were spend with Vicki. She came to visit us all the way to Bedford (from Surrey)! My best friend Vicki visiting us in BedfordAnd not to mention snow (first this year) by the end of the month! Last chance to wear my super woollen boots :-).First snow of the year in Bedford!Happy week everyone!

Rasa xoxo


Our holiday in Florida

Our trip to FloridaWell... this was mainly my holiday as we were flying to Florida for Joni's conference so I had loads of time on my own. Not my perfect type of holidays, but I appreciated the opportunity and I am glad I grabbed it as I did (with both hands :D). What I enjoyed the most is the change of weather from frosty England to sunny beach!Our holidays in FloridaDAY 1: To begin me and Joni had first two days together. So we visited what mattered most, the Kennedy Space Centre. We both dream about going to space: me mostly for experience and Joni just loves the technical part of it (he is an Aerospace Engineer after all). If you are into experience as much as me I would really recommend Shuttle Launch Experience!Kennedy Space Centre Kennedy Space CentreI like tasting different flavours of Ice-cream wherever I go. This time I tried this pretty root beer float, which was probably not a right choice for me. I think root beer has a very acquired taste and I am... well... not quite acquired to it (this was my first time trying this type of drink!). The other ice cream I have tried was freeze dried Ice-cream (otherwise called Astronaut ice cream). It may not feel like eating an ice cream, but it was certainly an interesting experience! Kennedy Space CentreDAY 2: While Joni had a chance to take an extra super special tour at Kennedy Space Centre, I decided to explore the beach. Cocoa Beach was the closest and it certainly made my day! I spend a day in the sun lying on the sand dunes (tiny to compare to Lithuanian sand dunes though) just relaxing and reading a book (a head start on my new year resolutions!). Cocoa Beach Cocoa BeachDAY 3: I wasn't sure what to do with myself that day. Though I will check out the town, but have been told that there is nothing to be found. I humbled myself and checked out the SeaWorld (least commercial amusement park in Kissimmee). I am not quite keen on all those "parks" and my beloved beach is not an easy place to get to without the car. However I did like the aquariums with the underwater world (will post more pics soon!). Seaworld, FloridaSea World, Florida Sea World, FloridaDAY 4: A shopping day. I know I know, I generally don't do much shopping (at least for clothes)! I promised myself long time ago that I would make my own clothes all by myself (well, except shoes maybe), but it turned out quite a fun day! I bought so many things for Joni. Who knew that shopping for menswear can be that much fun!?

DAY 5: With a little bit of planning ahead I managed to squeeze in another day of beach! Yey! This time it was a Clearwater Beach which suppose to be a better beach to compare to Cocoa Beach. However Cocoa Beach has that rustic appeal that I love so much more than clear water and very very white sand. Ok, I did like the sand better in Clearwater beach. I think that sand may even be whiter and finer that the sand in the Lithuanian Beach. Which is quite odd, because Lithuanian beach have really fine slightly beige sand. Anyway, still another enjoyable day!Clearwater Beach, Florida Clearwater Beach, Florida Clearwater Beach, Florida Clearwater Beach, FloridaI hope you did not mind that I shared...

Rasa :-)


Friendly Nettle on Instagram!

InstajanuaryI know I know it took me a while to get the hang of this as for I long time I could not quite understand how Instagram works. Thanks for Catherene for explaining me the ins and outs! To follow us click here ;-). InstadecemberHappy Instagraming!



New Year resolutions + free printable 2015 calendar

free printable 2015 plannerWow! It's 2015 already! I hope you had great New Year celebrations! Every year I love making New Year resolutions (some are more effective then others). Last year I set simple goals, mainly because I knew it was going to be a very exciting and busy year personally (planning a wedding takes up a lot of time and energy). This year my goals are more ambitious as I am eager to learn more and improve the Friendly Nettle business as a whole.

Here are my New Year resolutions for this year:

1. Upgrade Friendly Nettle website so it's easer to use. This means that I also need to learn to code (at least the basics). I started training myself in this once before, but dropped out as when I became too busy. I am hoping to establish a training schedule where I spend 30min every second day. That can't be that hard!

2. Create amazing new products and bakes for a new website. I relaunched the bakery website last month, but it still needs quite a lot of updates to make the website shopper friendly. Oh, and I already have sooo many ideas on other exciting products which I am working on at this moment.

3. Update budgets. And by budgets I mean our personal budgets. For the past few years I had a system that really worked for me and I updated that for us both once me and Joni got married. We have since realised that we need to add extra budgets since we now have more things to save for. I am hoping to share very soon my years of experience with personal budgeting.

4. Read more books, because I am hoping this will improve my writing. As you may know I am not a native english speaker, so I often experience writers block because of that. I am sure you sometimes even come across some grammar mistakes. I really hope this will be less of an issue in the future. 15 min of book reading before bed is quite realistic don't you think?

5. Learning to take better pics is one of my bigger goals! I already learned so much about photography from writing my own blog and taking pics of my projects at the same time. Getting a DSLR a few months ago transformed my photography completely, but I still feel there is room for improvement.  I feel I don't use the DSLR camera to it's full potential, but I will start reading the manual and that hopefully should change :-D.

6. Eat healthier! This is probably the most common New Year resolution. I don't quite know how I am going to achieve this yet, but is very important I do ;-).

7. Get active. Eating healthier and exercise goes hand in hand. At least I have a plan for this goal. I will just pick a fun sport activity! Hopefully this is as simple as it sounds!

Through this week I am hoping to fill my 2015 planner with the actions that will help to achieve this year's goals. Do you have any New Year goals? If not, then I encourage you to write some down. It really really helps to see the bigger picture. Click here to get your free printable 2015 planner!free printable 2015 plannerI printed out my calendar and crocheted it together so I could hang it on my wall. free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 plannerEnjoy New Year planning!

Rasa xoxo


My favourite moments of 2014

Eden Project 2014Hey dear crafters! Today is the last day of 2014! Are you ready for new beginnings? I love a fresh start, but also loved 2014. The year that is about to end was exciting and fun. This year is the year is when one of my biggest dreams came through as I got married to Joni!

2014 started with a trip to Eden Project. I like going somewhere warm while it's cold outside! While the Eden Project isn't in a hot country it's easy to imagine it is when you are surrounded by tropical plants. I feel super lucky to be able to travel to Florida this January (so looking forward! my bags are already packed with many summer dresses!).

If I had to pick my favourite knitting project of 2014, I would definitely choose my knitted cable sweater. It's the first sweater I have ever knitted and I love it so much up to this day and wear it quite frequently.My first ever hand knitted sweater: so pleased!2014 is when Joni visited Lithuania for the first time to meet my parents. It was a very misty weekend!Lithuanian mountainsVisiting Aunt Olivia in Beaulieu was also quite memorable (especially all those wild ponies!).

Beautiful Beaulieu I love spring and 2014 spring has been the bestiest so far! See what I have created while enjoying the meadow!Enjoying spring meadowA huge thanks to Suzanne for organising the most amazing Hen-do ever!My most amazing hen-doMy Wedding preparations has been stressful on some occasions, but I am thankful for the moments I had with Vicki. She was the only one who was able to fit me into my wedding dressWedding PreparationsOur Wedding was perfect if not better how we expected. The only thing I would do differently is choose the photographer carefully, especially when they are your friends. Our weddingWe spend our honeymoon in Tuscany where we enjoyed plenty of wine. You would never guess where we wanted to go for our honeymoon originally! It was Iceland, but we thought it would be nice to visit it in different season. Next autumn perhaps, to see the Northern Lights?

Here I am wearing one of the bridesmaid dresses that I made. I loved it so much that I wear it so often (thankful to Nicola for giving it back to me). Honeymoon in TuscanyAfter a honeymoon we had another Wedding celebrations in Lithuania. This was Joni's second time in my home countly!Wedding celebrations in LithuaniaIn September for my birthday we welcomed Princess Leia into our team.  She is so fun to play with (a bit distracting when I am trying to get some work done!).

Our cat Princess LeiaVisited Granny Elizabeth twice in lovely Cley-next-the-Sea!Cley-next-the-seaVisiting Lithuania for Christmas is a nice way to end the year! I just wish there were snow on the seaside...Seaside in WinterI hope you have great New Year celebrations and may 2015 bring you fresh new beginnings ;-)

Rasa x


Friendly Nettle shop is re-open! Yey!

New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Crochet Star kitHey dear friends! I have a very good news. The Friendly Nettle shop is re-opened and updated as it should be! There is always room for improvement, but I am really happy with the progress!New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Hanging birdie kitWith this store relaunch we are happy to add craft kits to our range. These include everything you need to make a thoughtful gift for a friend or a loved ones as well as some biscuits to enjoy while you do.New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Crochet Star kit New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Hanging birdie kitIf you are not a maker type then you can gift this to someone who like crafting themselves. The kits come nicely packaged, so you don't need to do a thing! Maybe just add a gift tag or a simple wrap and that's done!New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Hanging birdie kitEnjoy Christmas shopping!

Rasa xoxo


Things I look forward to in December

Things I look forward in December, Christmas of course!

Well, could I be even more obvious? Of course I am waiting and anticipating for Christmas most! It's day 6 and 18 more to go!

1. CHRISTMAS DECORATION. I had a branch set up with these bird decorations (soon you could be making them yourself!). Right now I am loving my advent calendar (see the previous post)!Make your own birdie decorations!2. ONLINE SHOP RE-OPENING. We had our market last saturday where we were selling sewing and crocheting kits together with biscuits! If you missed it, not to worry! They are coming on to our online shop ;-). At Christmas market stall, online shop to be updated soon!3. TIME AWAY WITH FAMILY. We are going to Lithuania and back to UK. So lot's of upcoming traveling. We are currently deciding if we should take Leia with us so we are testing her on a short trip (Yesterday she took her first car ride!).Princess Leia4. VISITING SEASIDE IN WINTER. I wrote last year about one of my favourite seasides in the world. This year we are visiting it in winter while snowing (hopefully, fingers crossed). Can you imagine this in snow? I bet it will look magical!Seaside in Kursiu NerijaHappy December!

Rasa xoxo


Things I look forward in November

local shops in CleyIt's getting really busy here running up to Christmas (you know, crafting gifts and stuff), but there are plenty of stuff I look forward to. Here are few...

1. VISITING CLEY-ON-SEA. We visited this lovely village briefly in September, but now we will be visiting Grandma Elizabeth for the whole weekend. Really looking forward to that!countryside in Cley2. BONFIRE NIGHT. I have made these pasta tortilla bites with leek and bacon last year. Really hoping to go and see fireworks in Bedford this year! Do you know any good places?picking food3. CHRISTMAS MARKET! This is something that has made me even more busy! I'm prepping for it now as I will be selling Friendly Nettle goodies there. It's a perfect place if you want to get a unique gift for someone. Save the date and come along (I will be sharing my tips on crochet, embroidery and more).GFC Christmass Fair


Happy November!

Rasa xoxo