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Friendly Nettle on Instagram!

InstajanuaryI know I know it took me a while to get the hang of this as for I long time I could not quite understand how Instagram works. Thanks for Catherene for explaining me the ins and outs! To follow us click here ;-). InstadecemberHappy Instagraming!



New Year resolutions + free printable 2015 calendar

free printable 2015 plannerWow! It’s 2015 already! I hope you had great New Year celebrations! Every year I love making New Year resolutions (some are more effective then others). Last year I set simple goals, mainly because I knew it was going to be a very exciting and busy year personally (planning a wedding takes up a lot of time and energy). This year my goals are more ambitious as I am eager to learn more and improve the Friendly Nettle business as a whole.

Here are my New Year resolutions for this year:

1. Upgrade Friendly Nettle website so it’s easer to use. This means that I also need to learn to code (at least the basics). I started training myself in this once before, but dropped out as when I became too busy. I am hoping to establish a training schedule where I spend 30min every second day. That can’t be that hard!

2. Create amazing new products and bakes for a new website. I relaunched the bakery website last month, but it still needs quite a lot of updates to make the website shopper friendly. Oh, and I already have sooo many ideas on other exciting products which I am working on at this moment.

3. Update budgets. And by budgets I mean our personal budgets. For the past few years I had a system that really worked for me and I updated that for us both once me and Joni got married. We have since realised that we need to add extra budgets since we now have more things to save for. I am hoping to share very soon my years of experience with personal budgeting.

4. Read more books, because I am hoping this will improve my writing. As you may know I am not a native english speaker, so I often experience writers block because of that. I am sure you sometimes even come across some grammar mistakes. I really hope this will be less of an issue in the future. 15 min of book reading before bed is quite realistic don’t you think?

5. Learning to take better pics is one of my bigger goals! I already learned so much about photography from writing my own blog and taking pics of my projects at the same time. Getting a DSLR a few months ago transformed my photography completely, but I still feel there is room for improvement.  I feel I don’t use the DSLR camera to it’s full potential, but I will start reading the manual and that hopefully should change :-D.

6. Eat healthier! This is probably the most common New Year resolution. I don’t quite know how I am going to achieve this yet, but is very important I do ;-).

7. Get active. Eating healthier and exercise goes hand in hand. At least I have a plan for this goal. I will just pick a fun sport activity! Hopefully this is as simple as it sounds!

Through this week I am hoping to fill my 2015 planner with the actions that will help to achieve this year’s goals. Do you have any New Year goals? If not, then I encourage you to write some down. It really really helps to see the bigger picture. Click here to get your free printable 2015 planner!free printable 2015 plannerI printed out my calendar and crocheted it together so I could hang it on my wall. free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 planner free printable 2015 plannerEnjoy New Year planning!

Rasa xoxo


My favourite moments of 2014

Eden Project 2014Hey dear crafters! Today is the last day of 2014! Are you ready for new beginnings? I love a fresh start, but also loved 2014. The year that is about to end was exciting and fun. This year is the year is when one of my biggest dreams came through as I got married to Joni!

2014 started with a trip to Eden Project. I like going somewhere warm while it’s cold outside! While the Eden Project isn’t in a hot country it’s easy to imagine it is when you are surrounded by tropical plants. I feel super lucky to be able to travel to Florida this January (so looking forward! my bags are already packed with many summer dresses!).

If I had to pick my favourite knitting project of 2014, I would definitely choose my knitted cable sweater. It’s the first sweater I have ever knitted and I love it so much up to this day and wear it quite frequently.My first ever hand knitted sweater: so pleased!2014 is when Joni visited Lithuania for the first time to meet my parents. It was a very misty weekend!Lithuanian mountainsVisiting Aunt Olivia in Beaulieu was also quite memorable (especially all those wild ponies!).

Beautiful Beaulieu I love spring and 2014 spring has been the bestiest so far! See what I have created while enjoying the meadow!Enjoying spring meadowA huge thanks to Suzanne for organising the most amazing Hen-do ever!My most amazing hen-doMy Wedding preparations has been stressful on some occasions, but I am thankful for the moments I had with Vicki. She was the only one who was able to fit me into my wedding dressWedding PreparationsOur Wedding was perfect if not better how we expected. The only thing I would do differently is choose the photographer carefully, especially when they are your friends. Our weddingWe spend our honeymoon in Tuscany where we enjoyed plenty of wine. You would never guess where we wanted to go for our honeymoon originally! It was Iceland, but we thought it would be nice to visit it in different season. Next autumn perhaps, to see the Northern Lights?

Here I am wearing one of the bridesmaid dresses that I made. I loved it so much that I wear it so often (thankful to Nicola for giving it back to me). Honeymoon in TuscanyAfter a honeymoon we had another Wedding celebrations in Lithuania. This was Joni’s second time in my home countly!Wedding celebrations in LithuaniaIn September for my birthday we welcomed Princess Leia into our team.  She is so fun to play with (a bit distracting when I am trying to get some work done!).

Our cat Princess LeiaVisited Granny Elizabeth twice in lovely Cley-next-the-Sea!Cley-next-the-seaVisiting Lithuania for Christmas is a nice way to end the year! I just wish there were snow on the seaside…Seaside in WinterI hope you have great New Year celebrations and may 2015 bring you fresh new beginnings ;-)

Rasa x


Friendly Nettle shop is re-open! Yey!

New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Crochet Star kitHey dear friends! I have a very good news. The Friendly Nettle shop is re-opened and updated as it should be! There is always room for improvement, but I am really happy with the progress!New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Hanging birdie kitWith this store relaunch we are happy to add craft kits to our range. These include everything you need to make a thoughtful gift for a friend or a loved ones as well as some biscuits to enjoy while you do.New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Crochet Star kit New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Hanging birdie kitIf you are not a maker type then you can gift this to someone who like crafting themselves. The kits come nicely packaged, so you don’t need to do a thing! Maybe just add a gift tag or a simple wrap and that’s done!New in Friendly Nettle Shop: Hanging birdie kitEnjoy Christmas shopping!

Rasa xoxo


Things I look forward to in December

Things I look forward in December, Christmas of course!

Well, could I be even more obvious? Of course I am waiting and anticipating for Christmas most! It’s day 6 and 18 more to go!

1. CHRISTMAS DECORATION. I had a branch set up with these bird decorations (soon you could be making them yourself!). Right now I am loving my advent calendar (see the previous post)!Make your own birdie decorations!2. ONLINE SHOP RE-OPENING. We had our market last saturday where we were selling sewing and crocheting kits together with biscuits! If you missed it, not to worry! They are coming on to our online shop ;-). At Christmas market stall, online shop to be updated soon!3. TIME AWAY WITH FAMILY. We are going to Lithuania and back to UK. So lot’s of upcoming traveling. We are currently deciding if we should take Leia with us so we are testing her on a short trip (Yesterday she took her first car ride!).Princess Leia4. VISITING SEASIDE IN WINTER. I wrote last year about one of my favourite seasides in the world. This year we are visiting it in winter while snowing (hopefully, fingers crossed). Can you imagine this in snow? I bet it will look magical!Seaside in Kursiu NerijaHappy December!

Rasa xoxo


Things I look forward in November

local shops in CleyIt’s getting really busy here running up to Christmas (you know, crafting gifts and stuff), but there are plenty of stuff I look forward to. Here are few…

1. VISITING CLEY-ON-SEA. We visited this lovely village briefly in September, but now we will be visiting Grandma Elizabeth for the whole weekend. Really looking forward to that!countryside in Cley2. BONFIRE NIGHT. I have made these pasta tortilla bites with leek and bacon last year. Really hoping to go and see fireworks in Bedford this year! Do you know any good places?picking food3. CHRISTMAS MARKET! This is something that has made me even more busy! I’m prepping for it now as I will be selling Friendly Nettle goodies there. It’s a perfect place if you want to get a unique gift for someone. Save the date and come along (I will be sharing my tips on crochet, embroidery and more).GFC Christmass Fair


Happy November!

Rasa xoxo


Things I look forward to in October

Autumn colours in the boxOctober may be uneventful, but there are plenty of things to look forward to… such as autumn itself! :)

1. AUTUMN is a beautiful season. Look at all the colours! And it’s not only orange, brown and yellow…. I love the combinations of pink, forest green, orange and cream. And lets not forget purple! I have been so inspired by it all that I have been painting last night like mad (and that does not happen very often). I love creating new patterns. New autumn pattern bellow is here for you to nick, use it to wrap a gift or put in on the wall ;-). Friendly Nettle autumn pattern2. KNITTING JUMPERS is almost my part time job. I took on three (yes, three) jumper knitting projects so far. But that’s quite enjoyable as I can do it while watching a movie or chatting with a friend! Here is my first cardigan in progress, can you guess what part it is? Yes, it’s a sleeve! Many more parts to go :-).Progress on my knitted cardigan3. DRINKING HOT DRINKS kind of goes with knitting. It’s important to keep yourself warm and all snuggled up while doing some crafty work! My favourite hot drink at the moment is spiced coffee (although I haven’t had any this year yet, but will make some soon!). It’s one of those drinks that is satisfying and not too fattening (minding my figure right now!). Click here for the recipe ;-).Spiced CoffeeHappy October!!!

Rasa xoxo



Meet the newest member of our team ;-)

Meet our new member Princess LeiaLeia is my early birthday gift from Joni that we are finally introducing to you. She settled in just fine in our Bedford flat and now ready to be part of the quality assurance process of future projects. Hopefully you will like her as much as we do :-)… And no, she never has been a part of Star Wars… NEVER!

Meet our new member Princess Leia Meet our new member Princess Leia Meet our new member Princess Leia Meet our new member Princess Leia Meet our new member Princess LeiaHappy kitten Thursday!

Rasa xoxo



Life in UK

London in dimmed lightLove the pic above taken by my friend Jacolien from Stuff to Love! It reminds me of what a great multicultural city I used to live. This is where I lived most of my time while in UK!

Yesterday I passed my life in UK test!!!!! I just thought that I might as well become a british citizen after living here for 14 years and after getting married to my most wonderful english husband. Here are few fundamentals I learned while living in UK.

1. BEEING PART OF COMMUNITY, and this what we are trying to create at Friendly Nettle, a craft community that inspires you to craft :).

Online Cafe Community2. COOKING. Now, I know Britain is not famous for it’s cuisine, but you would be surprised there are many english dishes you can enjoy! Here are few I have tried: Steak and Ale PiesSteak and ale piesEnglish BreakfastBaked English Breakfastand Plum Steam Puddinga healthier plum steamed pudding3. GARDENING. I know that not many of us can enjoy this, but there are plenty of allotments available to rent! Here is how I grew tomatoes this yeartomatoes 101Enjoy your weekend!

Rasa xoxo


Things I look forward to in September

Me - thirty years ago!September is my favourite (after April and May of course)! And that’s not because it’s my birthday month (pic above is me – thirty years ago)! I love September, because it represent new beginnings and I can start work from new perspective. The wether change indicates that I can finally start counting down till Christmas! Anyways, here are many things I look forward to in September.

1. MY BIRTHDAY! That’s pretty obvious, but who likes getting old? Oh, no… birthdays to me just = more cake! Last year I baked honey mascarpone cake with figs, but this year it’s a surprise. Joni is quite eager to bake it this time… Looking forward!Birthday cake2. CLAIRE & JASON WEDDING! We just finished our wedding celebration. All thank you’s have been send and our wedding fund account is about to be finalised and closed! It’s wonderful to go and celebrate a wedding of someone else!Our wedding 20143. HOUSE WARMING PARTY, who doesn’t like a party? We have finally moved and settled, so we thought we should celebrate! Will work on blog next ;-)Housewarming party invite4. COMPLETING A KNITTED PROJECT! Winter is coming up, so I started new sweater project. Looking forward to the end result!My new knitting project!Happy September!

Rasa xoxo


Things I look forward to in August

Work in progress, our new home in BedfordAugust came somehow unexpectedly, hence my late update about this last summer month. Since we came back from our honeymoon I have rushed into updating you guys about the time we have been away and organising our new home in Bedford. So much so, I have few things that I look forward to in this busy month.

1. FINISH ORGANISING OUR NEW HOME! Not so long ago we lived between the boxes of everything, so lots of progress has been done already. There are still a lot of things to organise such wardrobes, our little home office, three toilet/bathrooms (yes three and I am very confused with that) and most importantly our garage. We got lots of furniture from Freecycle including sofas and armchairs that I am looking forward to refurbishing. So essentially I am looking forward to the stage when I can start new home projects to make this space prettier!  Work in progress, our new home in Bedford2. KNITTING AGAIN! Although this is not a priority at this moment as I have to get so many other things done, I really can’t wait until I have more time to enjoy just knitting. Vicki’s mum recently suggested that we should all knit together over Skype (me, Vicki and her mum and we all live so far away from each other at this moment). Yey! What a great idea!

Just last year while in San Francisco I came across this book called “Pop Knitting” by Britt Christofferson. These knitting techniques are definitely on my list to try ;). Britt Christofferson, and author of "Pop Knitting"4. GETTING MY BLOG UP TO SCRATCH. After having a break I have definitely blogged more, however there are so many things still to improve. Any suggestions? Would love to hear from you ;-).Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.26.26Enjoy the rest of the week!

Rasa xoxo



Wedding preparations

Rasa&Joni weddingWhile preparing for our wedding I have been often told (well… ok, just couple of times) that there are so many things that can go wrong on the actual wedding day. They were concerned that I did not look stressed enough! In the matter of fact, I have been a little stressed, but not about things going wrong on the day, but more about the the logistics as it all seemed like a huge puzzle to me. This was my first ever wedding that I organised (with the help of friends and family of course)! Anyway, our day turned out just fine! Despite few teeny-weeny errors that worked out for the best, everything went swimmingly. One of the things I especially enjoyed is getting ready on the day with the bunch of girls including my mum. Here is how it went (as much as I remember)…

  • At about 6am we woke up (that is unlike me btw). By we, I mean me and my bestie Vicki. We slept in our wedding suite to be in the Mandolay hotel. It was very sunny and while in bed I screamed “I am getting married today!” multiple times. You see, I could not quite believe that, so I had to say that out load.
  • At 6:18am my photographer texted that he is going to be in the hotel at 8:30am. What? The wedding is only at 1pm, I guess he wanted to take the pics of all the preparations. At that point I have started working out the coffee machine so I could make well needed coffee for both me and Vicki (the first cup of coffee turned out to be water scented with coffee)
  • At 6:44am I have received a text from my Matron of Honour, Suzanne! It was a sticker saying “Keep Calm It’s Your Wedding Day!”, I got even more excited! I tried on lacy dressing gown and I have been ordered to pose for Vicki for some photos (she sneakily send some to Joni). Even more texts and Facebook messages received indicating today is THE DAY by this time!
  • At about 7:30am we went for breakfast, this is when our photographer joined us (a bit earlier than anticipated, but I don’t mind extra photos!). Here is one of our first pics. Very arty farty view of our hands! On previous day we had a manicure and painted our nails in Marigold colours, Vicki decided to match Nicolas (my new sister’s) nails that were orange.

Our marigold themed nails

  • At about 8:30am we headed down to Liz Earle store to get my make up done. While walking down the road me, Vicki and Ovo (our photographer) have been chatting and joking (one of the pros having friend photographer is that it does not make the taking pictures process too awkward).
  • At 9am Nicola (make up artist) has started her intricate work. She managed to make my eyes look a little bit like Hepburn Audrey’s just with the black pencil!

Make up done at LIz Earle

  • Meanwhile while Ovo was taking photos of the place (still chatting and joking), Vickie has been taking her own pics and texting them and corresponding with Joni and Nicola (The sister… I know I know this is confusing having two Nicola’s in the story). Joni texted that the chandeliers in the venue are already decorated with ivy (ahh, such a relief!)  and Nicola is waiting in the hotel outside our room (felt a little bit sorry for her).

Make up done at LIz Earle

  • At around 10am make up is done! super pleased! Now back to the hotel as I have been notified that the whole crowd is waiting at the hotel!
  • As soon as we got back to the hotel we have been welcomed by huge girly crowd including Suzanne, Nicola, Anna (my dear friend who used to live next door to me), Nicola, Suzanne’s new born baby and her mum and most importantly my mum. I had to call the hairdresser as she was waiting in the car park. At first it has been overwhelming as everyone had their own idea where to start with preparation, however I asked to wait for my hair to be done first. Nicola have handed me a written letter from Joni (that helped to regain my focus). He wanted to write a last letter to me with my maiden name on it! It was a lovely poem that I have read out loud.

Reading Joni's poem

  • At around 10:30am everyone cooled down and started enjoying themselves (it must have been a bottle of fizz).

Wedding preparation fun

  • It has been really lovely to hear laughter and chats while Anna have been preparing for her violin and vocal performances for the ceremony. It was quite magical! Me, Ovo and Enza (hairdresser) have been joking how none of us have been involved in the wedding for a while… well, I found that quite funny :)


  • At 11:30am is dress fitting time! The dress that I have got from charity shop has always been slightly too small and the diet did not really help me to slim down around the bust area. I will talk about my dress some other time but for now I can only say that it took all the bridesmaids to pull it on, including Anna who was really worried that the dress might tear.

IMG_0032 IMG_0041

  • Few more fixes such as blowdrying and spraying my polka-dot tights with hairspray to stop static on a dress causing it to cling to my legs (something I have learned from working at the fashion shows in my fashion design past).

Final dress fixes




  • At around 12pm I was quite relieved to have my dress on so I pulled some silly faces! (I don’t think I took Ovo’s orders to pose for pics seriously)Silly-me


My perfect bride pose ;-)

  • At around 12:30am time to go! I was trying to pin a boutonniere on my dad’s suit lapel. Oh, dear! I was so clueless! Thankfully Suzanne was there to help.

pinning dad's boutonniere

  • While in the car with my dad I remember being out of air. A combination of nervousness and a very tight dress caused me slight distress, but I managed with deep slow breaths. I think the scariest thing was too see all the crowd waiting for my entrance, it was hard to hold my tears!

My entrance to church on my wedding day

Rasa xoxo


Our honeymoon in Tuscany

Our honeymoon in TuscanyIt has been almost a week since we are back, but it feels like we are still on the honeymoon (this is probably to do with the hot weather here in Bedford). We have really enjoyed our time in Tuscany while eating (lots of delicious food including gelato everyday!!!), wine tasting, swimming in the hot springs (more about this later), sightseeing, participating in cooking classes and playing cards (Joni got me addicted to that) and many more. This is just a preview of our special time in Italy. Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany Our honeymoon in Tuscany

I think the only think I could not quite capture with the camera is the fireflies at night. We saw them one night and it was quite magical! It was our first time seeing flying little lights so hoping to see them again in the future :-).

Wishing you a warm weekend ;-)

Rasa xoxo

P.S really big thanks for my new sister, Nicola, for lending us a DSLR camera (so much better than my iPhone!!!)


Our Big day!

Our Marigold WeddingI am back and I cannot wait until I share everything with you!!! So much to tell, but I will have to post one thing at the time. I will start with our wedding day if you don’t mind (there will be more details to follow). Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding

So if you have not guessed it already, our wedding was marigold themed (plus other random but well matched colours). I am not too sure how this came round and at what stage I started loving marigolds, but it worked out so well. In fact Joni’s dad have thought that I am having marigold fever at some point :-D.

Our Marigold Wedding

Our Marigold Wedding

Oh, and I did not mentioned that Joni has an identical twin Tim!

Our Marigold Wedding

So this is my current family line up (manly side): my husband Joni and my brothers Rimas, Raimondas, Vilius and Kristupas. Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding

our marigold themed wedding

Our Marigold WeddingOur wedding have been hosted at Gate Street Barn, such a pretty rural location! Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold WeddingThe caterers have been really amazing! Kalm kitchen managed to make our day really stress free :-). Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding

Another of Kalm Kitchen cool ideas! They have made us pick 8 guests to be the carvers at our tables.

Our Marigold Wedding

Joni have been so excited about the idea that he wrote a poem for our carvers. This one is for Joni’s Dad…

Carver letter

Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding

Our Marigold Wedding

Huge thanks to my new mum and our friend Kathryn for making such an amazing cake! Kathryn admitted that this was her first ‘naked’ cake ever.

Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold Wedding Our Marigold WeddingThanks for everyone involved, this turned out an amazing day for us!! Pictures here are taken  by Ovo Gharoro.

See ya!

Rasa xoxo


The time out

doodling on handsAs you got to know from previous posts, me and Joni are getting MARRIED in two days! Super excited!

I will take this opportunity to say a short goodbye for now, but not for too long! I will be coming back in few weeks after a honeymoon with more project ideas and delish recipes ;-).

Bye for now!

Rasa xoxo