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Selvedge Spring Fair

Selvedge-Spring-Fair 2014

Anybody who knows Selvedge magazine will be excited that there is Selvedge Spring Fair on King's road this weekend. I had a little preview, looking good! :-)

Selvedge-Spring-Fair 2014

Lovely embellished fabrics from Gallery 196 and Jenpatola that came all the from India.

Selvedge-Spring-Fair 2014

Love the idea of knitted jewellery designed by a textile designer Amy Lawrence.

Selvedge-Spring-Fair 2014

I am intrigued by the style of Minus Sun crocheted creations!

Selvedge-Spring-Fair 2014

 Have a lovely weekend!

Rasa xoxo


Things I look forward to in April

the edible garden show

April is tomorrow! Another month of spring ;-). Here are few things I look forward to this month:

1. GARDENING! Every year I take time to plan what I am going to plant or sow in my little urban garden. I absolutely love doing that! However through four years of gardening I made plenty mistakes. My common failure is that I often plant the plants too close to each other. Hopefully this year is going to be different and everything will grow in harmony ;-). Just for fun, here is how my garden looked like 4 years ago (trust me, it turned into jungle soon after).


2. EASTER, it's time with friends and family! Really looking forward to that. Hmm... should I paint the eggs or should I eat a lot of chocolate ones? I really like these Easter eggs that are simple and really pretty. I found them on the Joy Ever After blog that I absolutely love!

easter eggs

3. WARM AND SUNNY DAYS. I know, I know we had some of those already, but more of spring-like weather would be a bonus ;-). I am looking forward to wearing my spring wardrobe. Need to make those dresses very soon!

Spring dresses from fleet collection

4. MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSE. We went to part 1 already and both of us are looking forward to part 2. Really recommended for couples that are engaged or not engaged!

Have a lovely week :-)

Rasa xoxo


Chocolate spoons

Chocolate spoon DIY

Today I have been making chocolate spoons! Why? Because the Mums and Daughter's tea party is on and it's chocolate themed! Ahh.... and I love chocolate!

Chocolate Spoons DIY

I know I know, these chocolate spoons are not a brand new idea. this has been phenomenal for quite a while and now it is just classic. But these are still a really good idea for a party!

Chocolate Spoons DIY

Most importantly its easy and fun to make and it can work as just a party sweat treat or a hot chocolate drink.


All you need to do is melt the chocolate which can be dark or milk or white hot chocolate. Then just dip the spoons and decorate them with drizzles, sprinkles or even marshmallows. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy the sweetness ;-)

Rasa xoxo


Last knitting group meeting in Tottenham


It's have been really fun meeting everybody for knitting and cup of tea with a cake in our knitting get-togethers. This was quite an experience for me too! We have learned different methods of casting on, knitting and interesting new stitches. We shared tips and even books!

Sadly this is coming to the end as Friendly Nettle is on the move. But not for too long! In the new location there will be new faces and even more knitting and crafting fun! So watch this space for new events coming ;-).

 For now join us at our last knitting group meeting on 24th of March. For more details click here!



Hopefully see you soon ;-)

Rasa xoxo


Things I look forward to in March

Spring flowers

As March is coming very soon I thought I will share about the things I most look forward to in this first month of spring. Here they are:

1. SPRING of course! Its my favourite time of the year! I look forward to picking wild flowers by the river Lea. I look forward to longer days! But most of it I look forward to see a new fresh season to wake up from it's sleep ;-).

spring tree branches

2. PANCAKE DAY! Yey! Although I must admit I eat pancakes very often already, I still get excited knowing that there is a day specially dedicated just for them :). I often eat pancakes sweet, but for this occasion I would like to try something savoury, something like these sourdough pancakes filled with ricotta and mustard-maple glaze!

Sourdough pancakes with ricotta & mustard-maple glaze

3. BIRTHDAYS, because there are so many this month! It seams that all my favourite people are born in March. My best friend Vicki turning 30 this year! On the same day my little brother is turning 12 (picture bellow when he was just a baby). Then it's my dear mum's birthday! So lots of birthdays indeed :-)

My brother Vilius when he was just a baby

4. WEDDING PLANNING! As you may already know from my previous posts, me and Joni got engaged! So really looking forward to get all crafty and create a DIY wedding. I already found few websites like Intimate Weddings and Wedding Chicks that are inspiring me to go 100% handmade, although that would be quite a challenge!

DIY wedding websites

5. MOTHER'S DAY (last but not least). We are planning something chocolaty for it ;-)

make your own chocolates

What are you looking forward to most in March? Whatever that is, enjoy it ;-).



The first signs of spring

Spring is coming

Last week has been really busy, hence no talking for almost a week. The great news are that me and Joni are engaged! Yey! So we have been celebrating just that and dived straight into the wedding planning.

So today as I have been doing some wedding planning, Anna (my neighbour) popped in to convince me to go out for some jogging (fun times!!). So long story short, we ended up running by the river Lea and I was really surprised by how much it feels like spring! I mean I have seen on Facebook a lot of people sharing their pictures of parks filled with blooms, but I never thought spring would come so soon. So I got all mesmerised and instead of jogging I just kept picking flowers and blooming twigs for home. Meanwhile Anna just kept running and I could not keep up with her, so I stayed behind :-(. At least I have flowers at my home!

spring is comming

Happy spring!

Rasa xoxo


Missing Bruno

No, I am not missing a dark Spanish man! If you have been following me (past couple of months), than you probably have been acquainted with my cat (named Bruno). Sadly, Bruno left me a month ago, he just never returned :-(. There is still hope they say, but today I decided to let it go for now. I thought I will share my favourite video of him...


Rasa xoxo


2014 goals made simple

2014 goals made simple

I don't know about you, but it became my tradition to write New Year's resolutions on New Years eve. Although the goals I have written down in the past for the new years never lasted (such as eating healthier), I always liked the idea of giving a chance to new habits while getting rid of the old ones. Can you relate to this? This year somehow is different, I struggled quite a lot to think of any goals mostly because there were many exciting changes last year. Meeting someone really amazing is one of them!

So I came up with these simple goals! Simple goals sometimes are the most effective they say ;-).

Happy New Year!

Rasa :)


Friendly Nettle bakery is open!

Friendly Nettle Bakery

We have been baking for local cafes for half a year now and we really wanted to start baking for you personally.... Well, we are almost there! Check out our new bakery website ;)

Although we are not quite ready to accept payments, that should be sorted really soon! So if you have a get together with the girls or a bigger event or whatever a reason, gives us a shout and we will deliver :).

Friendly Nettle Bakery

Rasa xoxo


Friendly Nettle so far…

cafe illiustration

So since we launched our website in June there have been a lot of changes in my life. The biggest change is that I have been blogging almost everyday and I am loving it! I especially have enjoyed the responses from you and all the kind words. Thank you so much for that!

I would like to hear more feedback on the practicality of the website and I wonder if you have had a chance to visit our virtual cafe? If not, then click on "CAFE" on the menu above and check out our interactive cafe, illustrated by Vickie :).

tea and biscuits shop

Another great news! We have been working really hard to open "tea and biscuits" shop and it is coming really really soon! I am so excited about it and I really hope it is going to be up and running just on time for Christmas.

Thanks for your  support and have a lovely week ;)



Pinterest lovers, let’s unite!

Hey! do you like Pinterest? I love it! Its like making inspiration idea boards online, except with less mess. If you are like me, you will be excited about this as I have created a special group crafts board that anybody can join. Basically anything that inspires you to do crafts or the DIY projects can be pinned there and because it is a group board it will be fun to see what everybody else is doing! Interested? Read on to see instructions on how to join :).

Follow Crafts! by Rasa at Friendly Nettle on Pinterest

So if you want to join follow these simple steps:

1. Follow me on Pinterest (if you haven't done so).

2. Comment here that you did it together with your Pinterest user name.

That's it!

As soon as I receive your comment I will follow you back and send an invitation to you to join the group.

Happy pinning!

Rasa xoxo


New member in our knitting club!


Just wanted to welcome our newest knitting club member: Bruno! Although he can't knit he has a real passion for yarn :)

Are you interested to join us too? If yes, then check out our events page! Although our knitting events are often full, we are interested to know our future demand for it. Just let us know of the location where you want to meet for social knitting (or other crafts) and you never know... we might host an event where it is convenient for you :)


When Bruno is not sleeping or playing he loves accompanying me with blogging... aww :)

Blogging with Bruno

Have a lovely week!

Rasa xoxo