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    Rasa Pelham

    knitting in public


    I wondered if anybody out there knits in public after I got a comment from my friends that people actually stare at me when I crochet. If you do craft in public, what is your experience with people around you, how do they react to you, how does their reaction makes you feel? I personally ignore people around me as I have so much fun with my handwork! In fact I really like my mum’s attitude when it comes to this subject: she just tends to tell me: “look at that lady looking at you, she must be jealous as she really would like to knit too!”. Anyway, looking forward to your comments!

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    Gillian Reid

    I do knit in public, usually if I have a long bus/tube. I recently met up with a friend who Im teaching to knit, and we met up in a coffee shop in trendy Islington. We could hear the teenage girls next to us commenting but they didn’t say anything bad.

    I draw a lot in public, so I’m used to people staring, but it’s only cause they’re curious and like your Mum said Rasa, they’re jealous and wish they could knit too!

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    Back when I was at uni, my friend and I used to knit together on the long journey home… we def used to get looks but then again isn’t that some of the fun? We sometimes meet up to knit and have a coffee and we once got talking to a woman about being young and kniting haha :D

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    I met woman on the tube and she was knitting. me and whole carriage was hypnotised by her swift movements. There is some expectation in knitting in general and people watching couldn’t just simply go back to look at their phones, we all were checking her progress:)

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