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    Which came first, the chicken or the egg?I’m not going to solve that centuries old brain teaser but I can tell you without any doubt that when it comes to NFL general managers and head coaches, what really matters is whose tenure expires first and under what circumstances.MORE: Eagles pursuing Sanchez | Podcast: Huddle Up!| Lewis wants Dalton dealUnle s the two are on the same timeline, with their fates and futures tied at the hip, theirs is a marriage bound to fail.The best example of that is taking place in New York right now with the Jets. General manager John Idzik has a much different timetable than the head coach, Rex Ryan. Their owner, Woody Johnson, told Sirius XM NFL Radio on Monday from the owner’s meetings in Florida: “They get along very, very well and spend a lot of time together … it’s much closer than people think.”That’s not the point.The point is even though the Jets elected to give Ryan a contract extension based on his team’s surprising 8-8 performance, the terms of that deal indicate that the lovable (at least among his players) defensive guru is coaching on a year-to-year basis. Most observers believe that he needs to get the Jets into the postseason in 2014 to keep his job.Idzik, on the other hand, has a different task and that is to make moves that allow Gang Green to have sustained succe s for years to come. His stated goal Devonta Freeman Jersey is for the Jets to become a consistent contender and he thus views every decision through that lens.That’s a problem. The latest decision to sign Michael Vick points to the inherent conflict that exists when those two leading men are not operating in unison.To be fair, general managers are often looking more into the Jack Crawford Jersey future than coaches. At least they should be. It can be dangerous for the long-term interests of a club when they are not. Still, the Jets current structure seems to be more out of whack than most.Let’s take Vick for example.Most would agree that the Jets needed to protect themselves and provide an alternative to second-year quarterback Geno Smith after his up and down rookie campaign. They can’t risk the results of his uneven play again, so theyve brought in Vick. Smart move, right?Yes, but it also depends on what the Jets decision-making proce s will be regarding the quarterback. While theyve preached a focus on competition, it was pretty clear last year that before his injury, recently cut Mark Sanchez gave the Jets the best chance to win, but there was a heavy lean toward Smith anyway.MORE: Smith vs. Vick | Mock Draft | Ultimate first-round draftIs the competition this season heavily slanted toward Smith because he was a high draft choice of this regime, or is it truly a situation in which the best man in the spring and summer wins the job?While Idzik will surely deny it publicly, it’s hard to imagine he’d want to bail on his inexpensive draft choice after starting him for all 16 games last season. Even if it is a genuine competition, you’d have to think if it is even close, the Jets will go with Smith. He’s cheaper, younger and under contract with the Jets for much longer. Plus, he played every game last season, something Vick has only done once in his entire 13-year NFL career.Ryan doesn’t care about 2015 and beyond. He’ll be wearing different teams colors and living in a new city if the team doesn’t win in 2014. He likely wants the competition to be as open as can be and might even lean toward the veteran given Smith’s rocky road in 2013.That’s the first i sue, but maybe not even the biggest i sue, as it relates to the disparate priorities driving Idzik and Ryan.Let’s just say for argument’s sake Smith, fair competition or not, gets the call for opening day. How long is his leash at that point?It is well documented that Idzik is calculating and deliberate in everything he does. It’s in his long-term interest that Smith becomes the quarterback they hoped he’d be when they drafted him near the top of round two. He’d likely preach the same me sage of patience with the second-year signal caller that he himself exhibits on a daily basis.As for Ryan? He won’t stand for putting himself, his players nor his coaching staff in a position again in which the team has virtually no shot to Tony Gonzalez Jersey win because of lackluster play at the most important position. He’d be much more likely in that scenario to pull Smith in favor of Vick. The livelihood of his a sistant coaches is at stake.So who is calling those shots and maybe more importantly, what goes into making that call?You can even see this dynamic playing out at other positions on the football team. Ryan has made no secret over the years of the fact that he loves cover guys in his secondary. Collects them, in fact. Idzik hasn’t, Mohamed Sanu Jersey as of yet this offseason, provided his head coach with any proven cover corners. There’s a disconnect there.Idzik’s not going to do a deal he’s not comfortable with in order to placate Ryan. Ryan can’t play the style of defense he desires without cover guys and doesn’t care very much right now about the long-term health of the franchise, because he wasn’t given a contract that allows him to view things from that vantage point. He was given a win-now band-aid contract extension and so his mandate and goal is clear.Idzik isn’t as straight-laced as he is made out to be; Ryan is much more thoughtful and serious than his public persona. Johnson may be right when he says the two get along fine. This could, in fact, be a good pairing if both men had the same goals in mind, but they don’t and that is the problem that will likely doom them.Or at least Ryan.Idzik will get the chance to hire his own head coach and theyll have the same objectives and timeline to reach them. Every decision will be a unified one given that shared perspective.Exactly the way it should be.

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