You can download the apron pattern here!

First, cut out the pieces according to the measurements provided! Give 3cm seam allowance everywhere except the pocket (square piece) which is 2cm allowance.






Then make two strips for tying on the back (long ones) and one for the head loop (shorter one) by folding in the ends, then the edges and stitching alongside.


















Start with the main apron piece by folding bottom edge twice (1.5cm each time) and stitching it down.




















Repeat the same with the top edge, except that this time insert the strip (shorter one) to make a loop.









Stitch down the strips again so they stand upward.










Do the same for the sides and insert one strip on each side to make the ties.










Stitch strips down again so they stick out.










Now the last bit left is to fold (twice) and stitch the curvy edges (Tip: Use an iron to press them down so you don’t fiddle with that when you are sewing).




























To make pleats at the front use notches marked on the pattern as a guideline. Pleats should be 2cm wide and stitched down on the edge.




















Finally stitch pocket edges same way as the other edges, just this time fold 1cm folds. Stitch the top edge first for the opening.








Then stitch the pocket on the apron.




















I hope you ready for cooking ;)

Rasa xox