Loafers For Him

For this project you will need yarn (about 8 ply, chunky), 5 double pointed needles (size 7, 4.5mm or any other size for the gouge required), a sheet of neoprene (e-bay or any pound shop), needle and tread.

Abbreviations used: k (knit), p (purl), sl (slip stitch), p2tog (purl two together/decrease), bo (bind off)

Gauge/Tension: 8 sts = 5cm, 12 rows = 5cm


Cast on 35 sts


rows 1-30: [sl1 p8 k1 p15 k1 p9] first row, [sl k8 p1 k15 p1 k9] next row (35 sts each row)











Cast on 15 sts

rows 1-7: [sl1 p14] first row, [sl k14] next row (15sts each row)








Attach  knitted flap to the the heal piece by carrying on knitting the row on it (pics 1-3). At the end of the row carry on knitting on other side of the flap forming a round (pic 4). Add more double-pointed needles into to the work as necessary.






Divide stitches on four needles evenly, 12-13 stitches on each. Use 5th needle to move the work.

rounds 31-55: p24 k1 p15 k1 p9 (50 sts each round)

round 56: p22 p2tog k1 p15 k1 p2tog p7 (48 sts)

round 57: p21 p2tog k1 p15 k1 p2tog p6 (46 sts)

round 58: p20 p2tog k1 p15 k1 p2tog p5 (44 sts)

round 59: p19 p2tog k1 p15 k1 p2tog p4 (42 sts)

round 60: p18 p2tog k1 p15 k1 p2tog p3 (40 sts)

round 61: p17 p2tog k1 p15 k1 p2tog p2(38 sts)

round 62: p16 p2tog k1 p15 k1 p2tog p1(36 sts)

round 63: p15 p2tog k1 p15 k1 p2tog(34 sts)

round 64: p14 p2tog k1 p15 k1 (32 sts)

round 65: p2tog p12 p2tog k1 p2tog p11 p2tog k1 (29 sts)

round 66: p2tog p10 p2tog k1 p2tog p9 p2tog k1 (25 sts)

round 67: p2tog p8 p2tog k1 p2tog p7 p2tog k1 (21 sts)

round 68: p2tog p6 p2tog k1 p2tog p5 p2tog k1 (17 sts)

round 69: p2tog p4 p2tog k1 p2tog p3 p2tog k1(13 sts)

round 70: bind off



Stitch the heel : fold the heel side inside out and join on the edge. Close the toe opening by stitching from inside.








Tuck all the loose yarn ends by pulling them inside, use a crochet hook for this.










Prepare the soles for the loafers: 1. print out a pattern and pin it down on the sheet of neoprene (click here for a pattern) 2. cut the soles out of neoprene sheet. 3-4. stitch two curved inside lines to form a cup for a heel.








Attach the soles to the loafers: 1. pin down the sole evenly onto the loafer’s bottom. 2-4. stitch the sole onto the loafer.

Tip: button hole stitch looks the best as it conceals the raw edge of the sole!







As for decoration, I thought crochet slip stitch edge would look the best.










Rasa :)