Patchwork Pillow

You can download the triangle cutout here that you will use for patch-working.

Start by cutting out triangles, you will need 41 of them!







Cut triangles in various fabric. We used flower print fabric for 10 triangles, denim for another 10 and plain linen fabric for 21 triangles.
















Stitch the triangles side by side to form a long line. Vary different fabric triangles in between! We did it in this sequence: linen/flower print/linen/denim/linen…and so on.









After you finished stitching, cut the triangle line in five even pieces. Now you can decide what pattern you would like for your pillow! Depending on how you lay the pieces, you can achieve many beautiful combinations including chevron!







Stitch your final pattern combination lengthwise.










To make a pillow cut out another same size square and line it together with the patchwork block (inside out). Using the sewing machine stitch the squares together (remember 1cm allowance) leaving the gap on one of the sides. Invert the pillow and fill it with polyester fibre or other suitable material. Close the gap by stitching the edges together. Ladder stitch is the best to use as it is invisible.