Printed Pillow

Before you start you need to make the print blocks. To make the print blocks cut out few squares out of cardboard and start stitching on it the design you like. It is best to use packaging string, but you can get away just with heavy and dense cotton yarn. You will also need a large size sewing needle.





Apply fabric block printing ink on the print block with the paint brush and apply it on the fabric.










Use a roller to press the block print onto the fabric for better quality print.









Repeat this process until you cover the whole fabric piece. Alternatively you can paint directly onto the fabric to achieve different textures to compliment overall look.









When the print is dry (about one day, although it takes about a week to completely dry) Crop the fabric piece for the required pillow size.









Stitch a printed fabric square (printed side in) onto the other same size fabric square leaving a gap on one side so it can be inverted later.
















Invert a pillow and stuff it with the soft filling.










Close the gap with the ladder stitch.












Rasa :)