Triangle Crocheted Pillow

For this project you will need yarn (about 12-14 ply, super chunky), crochet hook (7mm), 2x buttons, needle and tread.

Important note: familiarise  yourself with the chart symbols and abbreviations as the ones used here are continental.

Begin by crocheting the first row of 7 triangles (click here for the tutorial)



After the first row of triangles crochet 11 chain stitches (instead of 6) and crochet one more triangle. At the end of triangle work a slip stitch  to join with the row bellow (instead of first chain stitch). Continue crocheting the triangle row and repeat the slip stitch after each triangle is made.


Continue Crocheting the rest (7 triangle rows) the same way as the second row.





























After 7th triangle row crochet 4 chain stitches and 1 joining slip stitch. Repeat this 6 times until the end of the row. Continue around with the 28 single crochets, then turn and work another 35 sc, come back up with 28sc.










On the 9th row work 35 sc. Repeat this until there are 28 rows (including triangle rows and chain stitch row). If you want to achieve seamless pillow then each time you start a new row pull trough the yarn to pick up the front side of the pillow (as shown in the grey arrows). At the end of 28 rows finish off by pulling cut yarn through the last loop.















Start a new set of rows on the other side of the block. Work 35 sc and repeat this until 12th row. Same as on the other side of the block each time you start a new row pull through the yarn to pick up the front side of the pillow to achieve seamless pillow (as shown in the grey arrows). At the 12th row work 11 sc, 3 chain stitches, 7 sc, 3 chain stitches and 11 sc (35 stitches in total). Finish off by pulling cut yarn trough the last loop.














If you have not made the pillow seamless then stitch the sides together so the edges on the back are overlapping each other. Stitch the buttons to hold it together.









To make a stuffed fabric pillow to fit the crocheted pillow cover measure it first then add 1cm seam allowance on each side. For example, I measured my pillow cover and it came up to 55cmX50cm and after adding seam allowance it came up to 57cmX52cm. So cut two squares according to the measurements you came up with and line them together (inside out). Using the sewing machine stitch the squares together (remember 1cm allowance) leaving the gap on one of the sides.





Invert the pillow case and stuff it.


















Close the gap by stitching the edges together. Ladder stitch is the best to use as it is invisible.









Insert the pillow in the crocheted pillow case!









I hope you like it ;)