About us

Our FamilyHi All! Welcome here! We are Rasa and Joni Pelham with two kids Lukas and Tomas. We love our community (or community feel in general) so much that we decided to open a cafe in Shortstown where we live. Yes, everything is still under construction, including this site, so bear with us!

Meanwhile more about us!

Rasa has been dreaming about a community cafe for a while (over 8 years to be precise), way before meeting Joni. Of course back then it wasn’t really possible to open a cafe, so she started blogging instead. She thought to create a virtual space for crafters of all sorts though only partially successful(not very high tech over here). However she still enjoys writing stories about her makes and bakes. So yeah! she loves crafting, knitting, crochet, sewing, and more, and trying out new hobbies. Therefore expect the new cafe be very crafty, but not exclusive to crafters (We welcome all).

Joni is a very supportive husband. Very helpful to everyone, hands on sort of guy. He also loves the local community and earlier this year he became a parish councillor to serve Shortstown.  Anyways he’s also an aerospace systems engineer by trade and very high tech (very useful for website building and more). His technical knowledge has been very useful in obtaining all the planning permissions for the cafe as well as creating wonderful floor plans and so much more. Basically is a great asset to the company and to our family!

Now more about the cafe, what better way to explain our vision than sharing our company goals and ethos with you. Here it goes…

  • COMMUNITY FOCUSED, we are striving to become a cafe that brings the Shortstown community together by providing a social place where people from all walks of life can meet and connect in variety of activities such as crafts, music events, and book clubs. We are creating something special for kids here as well!
  • LOCALLY PRODUCED AND SEASONAL, we are hoping to support local businesses, which is why we decided to source our food supplies as local as possible. Therefore it only makes sense to serve a menu that’s as seasonal as possible as well(except bananas of course, that doesn’t count!).
  • REDUCE WASTE, this is something we are working on the side. Hoping to reduce waste as much as we can (especially on single use plastic). This of course depends on you as well (by you I mean whoever is local to Shortstown). Let’s see what we can achieve together ;-).