Stuffed Bird Toy

You can download the pattern for a bird here! Please note: to get a decent size toy you will need to print/expand the pattern on A3 paper.

Start with cutting pieces out of the chosen fabric. A little tip: you will need to cut each piece twice (for front and back), so cut it on the folded fabric (two layers). That way you will not only cut two pieces out of one pattern, but also in the right order: one as you cut and one reversed.




Next job is to stitch matching pieces together. Leave 1cm allowance as you sew and leave a gap so it can be inverted later. when the pieces are stitched, invert them and fill them with whatever soft things you can find (old pillow stuffing is perfect).







Stitch the wings onto the bird body.










Now the only thing is left is the decoration. Feel free to add anything! We stitched buttons on for the eyes and added little beads on wings to give some texture.









This is such a great decoration for your sofa ;)