Crochet jumping bunnies

For this project you will need yarn (8 ply, DK), crochet hook (3mm), tread, two seed beads and a fork (for pom pom making).


row 1: Start with 26 chain stitches (ch).





rows 2-9: work 1 chain stitch (ch) and then 26 single crochet stitches (sc).









row 10: work 1 ch and then 5 slip stitches (slip st) followed by 16 sc.










rows 11-21: work 1ch and then 16sc.










rows 22-28: work 1ch and then 7 sc.










Work 1ch and then 7 sc all the way down to row 21.










row 22: work 2 slip st and then 7 sc.

rows 23-28: work 1ch and then 7 sc.









Fold the leg parts and stitch it up at the edges.










Fold the body part in half and stitch at the bottom to form the bunnies bum.









Turn the bunny inside out so all the stitches are hidden.










Stuff the bunny with some wool or polyester filling and close the stomach opening with invisible stitch (I used a crochet hook for all the stitches rather than a large needle).










round 1: work 8 sc on top of bunny body to form bunny neck.








rounds 2-4: sc around by working 2 stitches at every third gap bellow. (should end up with 18 sts at 4th row).









rounds 5-7: sc around (18 sts each round).










round 8-9: sc around skipping one stitch at the bunny face sides (14 sts at 9th round).










Stuff bunny head with wool or polyester filling and close it with 7 slip stitches.










row 1: work 1ch and then 3sc.

rows 2-5: work 1ch and then 4sc.

row 6: work 1ch and then 3sc

row7: work 1ch and then 2sc

row8: work 1ch and then 1sc





Repeat the instructions again for the second ear










To finish the bunny stitch the beads for the eyes and mini pom pom for the bunny tail. At the same stitch as the eyes tuck the tread into the body next to the neck to make the head slightly tilted.



















Have fun making this adorable baby mobile and good luck to all the new mums and mums to be. You will do great!

Rasa xoxo