Light Bulb Decorations

Start with the light bulb preparation. There are many ways to hollow/empty a light bulb, check out this useful YouTube video.







For this project you will also need PVA glue, poster paint (metallic preferably) and glitter. If you want to further embellish the light bulb with etched glass ornaments then you will need etching cream, paint brush, scissors and masking tape.








Option A: (1) Pour the glitter and poster paint into the hollow light bulb, (2) shake the light bulb so the paint and glitter spreads out evenly onto the internal bulb walls.







Option B: (1) Pour the PVA glue into the hollow light bulb and roll it around until internal walls is covered in glue. (2) Pour the glitter in, (3) shake the light bulb (4) until the glitter is fully spread.








For further embellishment (1)  use masking tape to create ornaments by masking specific shapes where you don’t want the glass etching effect. (2-3) Apply etching cream with the brush, (4) after 5min remove etching cream by using a soft sponge and dry it.








To hang a light bulb decoration insert a string paper binder










Attach a ribbon or a scrap piece of fabric onto the loop that has been formed by a string binder.









Happy decorating


Rasa :)