Painted Leaf Garland

For this project you will need flat dried leaves, acrylic paint, paint brush, string, tape and some paper to cover the work area.

If you have not dried the leaves before, then here is how to do it: insert the leaves in the book covered by wax paper. It takes few weeks to completely dry the leaves this way.




Place the leaves onto the paper (paper protects the worktop) and paint them in chosen colour.










Let the paint dry before applying any other colour.










Once the paint is dry use complimentary colours to paint ornaments or even letters.









To compose a garland tape one side of the string to the wall and start adding leaves on it.

















To attach the leaf, wrap the string around leaf’s stem.




















Once the leaves are attached in the desired order, tape the other side of the string onto the wall.










You can add additional items into this garland like beads, tassels or dried berries.







Have fun!

Rasa :)