Protective Book Cover

For this project you will need some nice wrapping paper (free printable wrapping paper patterns can be found here), self adhesive book covering film (can be found at Ryman’s, WHSmith’s or Staples), scissors, pencil, ruler, sticky tape and…. cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer ;)





Measure out the wrapping paper against the book to see how much you will need.




















Give at least 5cm extra paper around an open book!

















Once you have cut the right size paper for wrapping, measure the same amount of self adhesive book covering film as well. Peal off the backing from the film and carefully apply wrapping paper on top. Make sure there are no bubbles or other imperfections (reposition if needed) before continuing with the next step.







Measure the book spine on the paper and cut the strip to fit the book width.









Do this on both sides of the paper!










Fold in the bottom paper flaps to measure…










… As you may need to widen the gap by cutting of the corners










Fold in the side flap. Tip: give loads of space, close the book to check if the paper is not restraining it. It would be advisable if you fold in the side flap on the other side of the book at the same time.
















Fold in the corners at the bottom flap.



































Once the corners are folded in, you get a lovely triangle that you fold in again to create a tidy finish.

















Secure a the fold with the tape. You can use the colourful washi tapes for this or if you want a more concealed look then insert a double sided tape between the side flap and triangle.















Do the same with the other sides of the book until you achieve a perfect book cover.



































All the credits of this project goes to my best friend Vicki. I hope you will enjoy this project as much as I enjoyed learning it!

Rasa xox