Triangle Crocheted Infinity Scarf

For this project you will need yarn (8 ply, DK) and crochet hook (3mm).

Important note: familiarise  yourself with the chart symbols and abbreviations as the ones used here are continental.




















Begin by crocheting the first row of 50 triangles (click here for the tutorial)










With the slip stitch join the end with the beginning to form an infinity row.









Continue with 3 more slip stitches to the top of the triangle.









Start the second row by working 5 chain stitches (instead of 6) and crochet one more triangle. At the end of triangle work a slip stitch  to join with the row bellow (instead of first chain stitch). Continue crocheting the triangle row and repeat the slip stitch after each triangle is made.








Continue Crocheting the rest of the rows (12 triangle rows in total) the same way as the second row. Work your way up to the top of the triangle with 4 slip stitches each time you begin a new row.

























At the end finish off the edge with the chain stitch (slip stitch every 5th stitch to join with the row bellow).



















Steam finished scarf with the iron (cover with the mesh to protect the yarn).


Happy warm days!

Rasa ;)