Just few updates so far…

I know I have not written here for quite a while.  This is not that I have changed my mind about my dreams… Well, I usually get carried away during summer anyway. And even though the weather wasn’t so good as I expected I still feel super happy when I receive the smallest amount of sunshine :)

So… I will begin with the updates so far what happened in these two months. I have taken some bread baking classes of course as I got to the point where I needed somebody to show where I am going wrong (believe me the books withheld some truths about bread-making,  like never add any more flour to the dough even if you tempted to stop the dough sticking!). My favorite so far is the semi sourdough one that comes out sooo soft and it taste nothing like the bread you buy in the shops! Since my baking tutor Maria have shared the link for this bread, I have never bought ready baked bread from the shop…

The other courses I took was mainly about taxes as well as about food safety. But I will share more about this on my next post….

Goodbye for now ;)


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