Savoury tea cakes

Savoury tea cakes

Sometimes, don’t you want savoury food looking as pretty as cakes? Well, here is your solution making sandwich cake like ;-).

savoury tea cakes


  • sliced bread (I used German style rye bread)
  • your favourite sandwich filler (I chose simple egg mayo)
  • edible flowers such as pansies or chive flowers

1. Using cookie cutter cut out even circles out of the sliced bread

Savoury tea cakes2. Prepare the sandwich filler you likeSavoury tea cakes Savoury tea cakes Savoury tea cakes3. To assemble the cake just spread the sandwich filler on each bread circle and stack it upSavoury tea cakes4. Decorate the cake with edible flower

Savoury tea cakesSavoury tea cakes


Rasa xoxo

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