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Super easy fresh strawberry ice-cream

Super easy strawberry ice-cream, only three ingredientsWhile in Italy I fall in love with strawberry ice-cream, otherwise called gelato alla fragola. You might think this is very basic, but actually it taste really refreshing as it taste of real strawberry! Sadly, I often find the shop bought strawberry ice-cream taste like candy powder.  Super easy strawberry ice-cream, only three ingredientsThis strawberry ice-cream might not be traditional Italian, but it is really easy to make as it requires little effort. Unlike other ice-cream I made it doesn’t contain any egg and there is no need to keep mixing it while freezing!


  • 500ml whipping cream
  • 1 can condensed milk (397g)
  • 400g-700g fresh strawberries

1. Whip the cream and carefully combine it with condensed milk and pureed strawberries (can also be finely shopped).Super easy strawberry ice-cream, only three ingredients2. Once the ice-cream mixture is combined pour it into plastic container and freeze it for at least 4 hours. Super easy strawberry ice-cream, only three ingredients3. Serve ice-cream in your favourite cups or glass jars ;-).

Super easy to make fresh strawberry ice-cream with aged balsamic vinegar if you dear! Only three ingredients needed..I have recently discovered that aged balsamic vinegar goes really well with ice-cream. I dare you to try it!Super easy strawberry ice-cream, only three ingredients


Rasa xoxo