Our apartment in Tuscany

Our apartment in TuscanyWe were on the strict budget when planning our honeymoon. If you have read wedding dress alterations post, you probably remember that most of our money went on the reception venue and caterers. But our holidays turned out amazing! Sometime low budget doesn’t have to be less enjoyable. Sometimes you just have to be more creative when it comes to money spending!

Instead of hotel we decided to go with Airbnb. I absolutely love the concept of Airbnb! No, and I am not being sponsored by them for me to write this. I used Airbnb on many occasions to rent out my London apartment  when I went on holidays. This time it was my first time experience when it’s other way round! There are so many other holiday homes available for rent that are very unique and are cheaper then hotels. I especially look forward to trying out those tree houses in Sweden!

Anyway, coming back to our honeymoon apartment. Our little villa were surrounded by olive trees and vineyards in little village of Montefiridolfi. So we were surrounded by many very beautiful views!Our apartment in TuscanyIt is very cosy apartment that happened to have playing cards and some books in english.Our apartment in Tuscany

Our apartment in TuscanyWe also had a Jacuzzi room! We used it well during few days of storms.Our apartment in TuscanyOur apartment in Tuscany

Our apartment in Tuscany I loved rustic interior of our Tuscany apartment. It used to be  a stable before it has been made into apartments! Our apartment in TuscanyOur apartment in TuscanyWe had breakfast outdoors most of the mornings…. really missing that!Our apartment in TuscanyOur apartment in TuscanySwimming pool is where we had most of the fun!Rasajump Jonijump

So, yes, Airbnb is my solution to frugal holiday. What’s yours?

Rasa xoxo

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