Au naturel Easter Eggs

Au naturel Easter eggs

I don’t often share my errors, but today I thought I will. I admit it happens too often when the craft project I am working on does not turn out how I would like to. Sometimes it’s about forgiving yourself and learning how to use those errors to your advantage.

This year I have decided to go all natural when dying my Easter eggs. I suppose to have loads of experiences with this  as Lithuanian Easter traditions are all about dying eggs (we don’t eat that many chocolate eggs). So I decided to go with batic technique. I applied molten bees wax on the areas that I wanted to stay un-dyed. This was really tricky as I used paint brushes (when I was little we used to use cotton buds, so I thought the application would be smoother with the brush. Oh I have been so wrong!). I chose duck eggs as I could not find white shelled chicken eggs in the shop. I boiled the eggs with coffee grinds for 10 min to get the brown colour (I somehow feel that the onion shell gives better colour from my previous experiences).

Au naturel Eater eggs

So here we go, the results were horrific in my opinion. The dyes did not stick well at all and completely ignored the wax I applied. The wax just melted off :-(. When I removed the eggs from the pot I could easily rub the colours off. So I tried to do it nicely and still make them pretty… no luck :-(.

Au naturel Easter eggs

Let’s put this way. We had dyed amazing Easter eggs in the past using this technique. And although I did everything exactly as before here is what I would do to make it better next time I get to dye Easter eggs again:

  • I would try to use pin heads instead of paint brushes to apply molten wax
  • I would not boil the eggs in the dyes
  • Therefore would use food colouring instead

Maybe you have better suggestions? Please let us know ;-).

Au naturel Easter eggs

Happy Easter everyone!

Rasa :-)


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