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No Coments…

My oven is still broken so here is another no bake desert that I made out of desperation: the chocolate mousse dessert…. I think you have to find it for yourself and actually taste to appreciate. So, NO COMMENTS FROM ME…


Ingredients:  200g dark chocolate
4 tbsp double cream
2 tbsp coconut flavored rum (something like “Malibu”)
3 eggs
4 tbsp sugar
For serving:  4 tbsp desiccated coconut
2 handfuls of mixed berries (like blueberries or raspberries etc… the more the better!)
200ml double cream

1. Melt the chocolate and mix it with double cream.
2. Separate egg yolks from whites (reserve the whites in separate bowl). Add sugar to the egg yolks and whisk it until it becomes pale. Gradually add it to melted chocolate mixture.
3. Whisk the egg whites until it forms stiff peaks. Add it gradually into the chocolate mixture by folding and don’t overwork it as it would let all the air out!
4. The mixture then is ready to split into 4-6 glasses (I used cups as I thought that looks really cute!). Cover them with cling film and place them into the fridge for at least two hours.
5. Decorate the deserts with whisked double cream, desiccated coconut and mixed berries.

The rest is up to you….

Rasa ;)


Broken oven??? :’-(

The past couple of weeks I have been a little bit upset as the oven in my house is broken… which means no baking :-(. But this did not stop me from eating deserts… You see, I have been experimenting with no-bake cheesecake, which I tried to fit into little cups. Why? because I think the smaller the cuter! So there you go my best version so far…

(makes 12)

Ingredients:   200g (14) Bourbons (chocolate biscuits)
75g (1/3 cup) unsalted butter
200g (7oz) soft cheese (something like Philadelphia)
300ml (1¼ cup) sweetened condensed milk
250g (9oz) cream fraiche (soured cream)
1tbsp lemon juice
10g (4 sheets) gelatine, soaked in cold water
36 raspberries (3 per cup)
50g chocolate (optional)

1. Break up the Bourbons into food processor then crush them up. Stir in the butter. Use crumbs to line the base of 12 cupcake cases.

2. Blend the soft cheese with condensed milk and cream fraiche.
3. Heat the lemon juice in a pan. Squeeze water from the gelatine leaves and stir into the juice. Strain trough a sieve over the cheesecake mixture and continue mixing until well combined. Pour the filling into the 12 cups over the base.

4. Drop tree raspberries into each cup and place the whole cupcake pan into the fridge to set for approximately two hours.

5. Meanwhile melt the chocolate and pour it into the piping bag. On the parchment paper pipe whatever shape you want to decorate your cup-cheesecakes (I tried to create little hearts, but it could be anything).

6. Place the tray with the chocolate decoration into the freezer for 15min and then they are ready for the job.
7. This is the end job to enjoy… yum!

Rasa xox


What Pinterest told me to bake for the Easter?

I recently fell in love with Pinterest. They say this social website is going to be the next Facebook! I totally agree, however my friend disagree as she is a hardcore Facebook-er. But I bet when Pinterest becomes more popular she will convert. Anyway, the cool think about Pinterest is that is so visual as people “pin” their crafty decor ideas, fashion and of course deliciously looking bakes in picture form…. so when I was looking for Easter ideas, I “repinned” on my profile these speckled Easter eggs…

then these Easter eggs that have been dyed with natural dyes like beetroot juice, blueberries and orange peel (this reminds me of Lithuanian traditions when we dye our Easter eggs with onion peeling)….

and this egg-pot idea, which is not only for Easter…

These Cadbury cream cookie cups have been pinned by Katrina ( , but I edited the recipe slightly. I don’t know about you, but I find the cadbury eggs a little bit sickly… however these cups taste heavenly….

I tried to make it as natural as I can so I used agave nectar in the cream. Accidentally I used agave nectar that have been flavored with honey. So my chocolate cookie have been flavored with honey which tasted yummm…. however I don’t know if this is to everyone taste.

(makes 12)

Ingredients: 125g (1/2 cup) unsalted butter
125g (3/4 cup) light brown sugar
1 egg (beaten)
200g (1 3/4 cups) flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp coco powder
50g flaked chocolate bar (I used milk chocolate)
50g chopped nuts (I did it with coconut flakes since I had none in my cupboard)
(for the cream)
25g (6 tsp) unsalted butter
85g (1/4 cup) honey flavored agave nectar or runny honey
260g (2 cups) icing sugar
2 tbsp water
yellow food colouring
1. Cream butter with soft brown sugar, then add egg and combine well.
2. Add flour, baking powder, salt, coco powder, chocolate and nuts and mix again.
3. Grease muffin pan with little butter and spoon cookie mixture into it and press it in so it creates a cup.
4. Bake for 10-13min until firm. Let cool for 15 min in the pan and remove them by gently twisting them with your fingers. Let cool completely.
5. In the bowl combine agave nectar and softened butter. Slowly add powdered sugar and mix until incorporated. Remove about 1/3 of cream and dye with yellow food colouring.
6. Pour white cream into the cookie cups. Finish off with small of yellow cream.

Happy Easter :)



"Little Paris Kitchen": the breakfast treats

“Little Paris Kitchen” is the new program on tee-vee that made me to forget my beloved “Desperate Housewives”. And it’s not that there is anything to compare between them two! I used to be really devoted to watching a little of Wisteria Lane mysteries, but now I am just dazzled by this grand appearance of Rachel Khoo and her wonderfully looking food, style sense and her little kitchen. I love her lifestyle so much… in fact I even feel a little bit jealous.

Even though there have been only two series, I have managed to try some of “Little Paris Kitchen” recipes myself: two breakfast treats! First I tried Croque Madame muffins as seeing it how it was created really inspired me!

Then I made these Eggs in pots (oeufs en cocotte)…

And I can say that I finally found something better for breakfast than Eggs Benedict…. and it is easier to make! Except I used bacon instead of lumpfish roe since is really difficult to find it in UK. Here is the recipe.


Ingrediants:    150g creme fraiche
                       salt and freshly ground black pepper
                       pinch nutmeg
                       handful of chopped dill
                       1 rasher of bacon
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C
  2. Season the creme fraiche with salt, freshly ground pepper and a pinch of nutmeg.
  3. Place a heaped tablespoon of creme fraiche in the bottom of a ramekin, followed by a little dill.
  4. Crack an egg on top, add a second tablespoon of creme fraiche and sprinkle with a pinch each of salt, pepper and nutmeg. Add small tear of bacon on top. Repeat all this with three more ramekins.
  5. Place the ramekins in a baking dish and pour enough lukewarm water into the dish to come halfway up the sides of the ramekins.
  6. Bake for 15 minutes or until the egg yolks are set to your liking.
  7. Finish each serving with some dill.

Bon Appetit

Rasa ;)


My French pastry baking class

I know we are coming to the end of the week, but guess what I did last weekend! You obviously thinking: “of course it is going to be a French pastry course, since you have written that on the title”! Yes yes… that is exactly what I did and it’s because I wanted to face my fear and finally be able to bake all these complicated pastries (especially puff pastry since it is more time consuming than I thought). Our tutor Pino Ficara taught us to bake Praline Mille Feuille (Napaleon Pastry)…

…Chocolate Eclair, Madeleine…

… and Creme Brulle….hmmm!

I was particularly happy to see savory option there as after all this sweet I felt a little too overwhelmed (I had cake before the class – really bad idea). Here it comes….


Ingredients: 250g puff pastry
1 onion, thinly sliced
1 courgette, quartered and sliced
1 aubergine, quartered and sliced
1 red pepper,  cut into julienne
oil, butter, salt, sugar, pepper

1. Pre-cook vegetables: in deep pot over low heat add butter and olive oil, add onions, pinch of salt and about 1 tablespoon of sugar. Let onion cook gently without coloration, remove onto tray lined with foil and let cool.
2. In a oven tray add enough oil to barely cover bottom and over medium heat cook all the vegetables separately until tender. let it cool.
3. Preheat the oven at 200C. Roll puff pastry into square, place on the tray lined with baking paper and with a fork prick dough well to prevent it from puffing too high when cooking.
4. Place cooled onion onto ready pastry,

then arrange the other cooked vegetables.

Brush the sides with the egg yolk for the glaze…

Bake immediately until golden, let cool a few minutes before slicing and serving.
If you would like to attend the french pastry class yourself like me, go to
Rasa :)

The story about how the spinach pretended to be a sorrel


Last week I finally made the trip to my garden in London. Oh… how I love spring! I was actually expecting to face the worst: weeds and my neighbor’s blackberries invading my garden. But instead I was delighted to see the sorrel and the rhubarb all recovered after long winter we had! I know you all know well about the rhubarb, but I really want to highlight how amazing is the sorrel. Well… this leaf vegetable taste crispy sour when raw and makes my childhood’s favorite soup soooo yummy! I know it is not common to grow in England although it grows better in my garden then in Lithuanian climate. Never mind that…. my mum came up with this sour spinach recipe that matches my so loved sorrel soup… and she did not come up with that for me (since I am in England and can’t buy sorrel in the shops). My mum’s major goal was to get my little brother (age 10) to eat more spinach (sorrel soup was also his favorite). Let me tell you more about my little brother. He is like a most children don’t like vegetables or anything green food related (except sorrel of course) and likes pizza, fries or cola. So you can imagine my mum’s frustration to feed him with the healthy foods. That is how she comes up with sour spinach soup to imitate the sorrel soup… GENIUS!!!



Ingredients: 1 onion
5 rashers of smoked bacon
2 carrots
1l chicken or vegetable stock
2 potatoes
200g fresh spinach leaves

2 eggs
juice of half a lemon
salt and pepper to taste

1. Fry onions, cubed smoked bacon and shredded carrot.
2. Add stock and diced potato. Bring it to boil and simmer it for 20 min.
3. Reduce the heat and add the spinach and cook for about 2-3min

4. Remove it from the cooker and stir in whisked eggs and lemon juice. season it to taste.

I hope you like it!

Rasa ;)




The ways you can distract yourself from overeating…

I am known for overeating and even when I am full I can still fit the whole cake into my mouth (literally). So no wonder after Christmas (which obviously long time gone) I have put on sooooo much weight! I felt so discouraged as I could not fit into any of my jeans (except boyfriend or loyal cut)… :(
Anyway, I am back to normal and this is only because I kept myself distracted by my second favorite activity after cooking and eating: knitting and crochet. I found that there are a lot of social groups going on in London doing different kinds of interesting things. But I was only interested in joining the knitting club. My friends think that this is where I meet my granny friends… ha ha. But, no no… I am not the youngest there, you will have to believe me on this. There was a girl last week aged around 10 years, really eager to learn!
So far I finished most of my knitting projects and I am on something new at this moment. I am crocheting a collar! You might think that I got the idea from my “granny” friends that I met in the knitting club, but that’s not truth, I always liked this style (my friend Vicki call it “old-lady style”). I am not finished yet, but there you go….

So far I have been crocheting circles and joining them together to fit the pattern.

Will defiantly update you when I finish it. Meanwhile if you are not the biggest fan of knitting or crocheting then this truffle recipe is for you! My friend Vicki thinks is the best thing you can eat as it contains all the vitamins you need like a vitamin bomb (she is a health freak). She says that whatever is healthy tastes the best… I normally disagree, but wow these are good!


Ingredients: 200g hazel nuts
200g walnuts
200g raisins
200g prunes
200g dry apricots
1tbsp honey
1tbsp lemon juice
sesame seeds or coco powder or chopped nuts or whatever to roll the truffles in

Just put all the ingredients into food processor, whiz for a minute, shape the balls out of mixture and roll it into coco powder or sesame seeds or what ever else suitable in that department.

Enjoy your healthy snacking!

Rasa xox


The joy of Christmas cooking…

Christmas cooking is something I look forward every year, that is if I get to cook after all as the competition is usually humongous! Somehow during Christmas everybody wants to become a chef and show off their skills, but this year (even though I had more freedom) I felt like not cooking at all. I just wanted to sit there and rather eat-talk-drink-eat-nap-talk…. how is that possible?

Anyway I had no other option… and I mostly proud of this pie I baked above. It is Slovenian apple, walnut and poppy seed pie. I first got introduced to this pie by this Slovenian friend Maja four years ago (she never gave me a recipe, I had to Google it)  and I really loved it! So there it goes…


For the strudel dough:

  • 300 g flour
  • 3 tablespoons lukewarm water
  • 2 tablespoons wine
  • 1 tablespoon sugar.
  • salt to taste
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter for brushing dough

(You can also substitute store-bought filo pastry but I went all the way as I my dad was shopping and I was worried he is going to get something else… but really recommend to just buy the thing as it is really difficult to roll home made dough)

For the fillings:
The poppy seed filling:

  • 400 g poppy seeds, ground with a mortar and pestle or very briefly whizzed in a food processor with the steel blade
  • 200 g sugar
  • cinnamon to taste
  • 240ml cup hot milk

The apple filling:

  • 500 g apples, grated
  • 200 g sugar
  • cinnamon to taste
  • 1 lemon rind, grated
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

The cottage cheese filling:

  • 500 g cottage cheese
  • 360ml Creme fraiche
  • 1 egg
  • 200 g sugar
  • 2 tablespoons raisins, soaked in rum
  • vanilla to taste

The walnut filling:

  • 500 g ground walnuts
  • 200 g sugar
  • cinnamon to taste

Topping: 1 cup sour cream

Separately for each filling, mix the ingredients well. Grease well (butter is best) a square or oblong ovenproof baking dish or pan.
For the strudel dough: Mix the ingredients in a bowl, knead thoroughly (ten minutes at least) and let stand to relax for one hour. Then roll out and cut into thin sheets the size of the baking container. (Alternately, purchase large sheets of filo pastry to suit your baking dish.)
Place a layer of strudel dough / filo pastry in the bottom of the baked dish. Brush lightly with melted butter. Spread half the poppy seed filling evenly over it. Cover this layer with another sheet of strudel dough and brush the dough with melted butter. Spread this layer with half the apple filling. Cover with another sheet of dough: brush with melted butter. Spread with half the cottage cheese filling: cover with a sheet of dough, brushing with melted butter. Spread with half the walnut filling: cover with dough and brush dough with melted butter.
Repeat this process with the remaining poppy seed filling, apple filling, cottage cheese filling and walnut filling, making sure to brush each layer of strudel dough with the melted butter as you proceed.
Top with a final layer of strudel dough: brush with melted butter. If you like, spread this last layer with 1 cup sour cream (thinned a little with milk, if necessary, to make it easier to spread).
Bake for about 1 hour in a medium oven (175C). Cut into squares and serve

BTW: This Pie is not only for Christmas so you can enjoy it any time!



Christmas decorations! (if it is not too late)

I love Christmas, especially the preparation for Christmas bit… you know, buying gifts and decorating… except I have not had a chance to decorate the festive tree for quite some time! You see, I usually spend Christmas in Lithuania and often I find that by the time I get there my little brothers (aged 12 and 9 years) get it all decorated without me…. Well, this year I thought I will go to Lithuania early therefore in advance I tried to negotiate if I could get at least one tree. It wasn’t easy as my little brother got stuck with those traditions that the tree should be decorated exactly on 1st of December as that’s when Advent starts. However I managed and the Christmas tree viewed above now is mine!

I don’t know but I most likely to be late with Christmas  decorations, but if you are like me (being late) and stuck for ideas, there you go – I am sharing here with you!

Happy decorating!

Rasa xox


Away from London

It has come up to a month since I exchanged my busy lifestyle in London for royal Windsor and I am ready to give you my feedback  so far. For those who did not know I left my old job for a cafe managing job so I get to learn practical ways to run my own cafe at some point and so far it have been life changing! Although I am learning a lot about the cafe industry (really enjoying that) the biggest thing that changed is my lifestyle. I am not saying that I am less busy, just that I am not living in such a rush anymore. The most amazing thing that now it takes me around 15min on the bike to get anywhere I need in town (that is a big difference to 1hour in London). So if I get a moment of “woops… I forgot my sandwich at home!” I have no regrets of coming back and getting it back. Well… that does not happen exactly like that, but you get the picture!
… And for the end here are some “royal” treats for you – the truffles…


Ingredients: 250g dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa content)
120ml double cream
50g butter
1-2 tbsp brandy or dark rum or any other liquor (I used “Tia Maria”)

15-20 glazed cherries

for rolling: cocoa powder, ground almonds, desiccated coconut etc

1. Melt butter and chocolate together in microwave or in the bowl over boiling water.
2. Remove melted butter, chocolate from heat and add double cream while mixing it well.
3. Let the mixture to cool and then put it into the fridge for at least an hour
4. When the mixture is hardened scoop with the spoon the small pieces of chocolate and cover the glazed cherries with that and shape them into to the small balls. Roll the balls into the cocoa powder or ground almonds or desiccant coconut.

These would go splendidly with the tot of sweat cherry!

Rasa ;)


Back to my childhood….

It is my birthday today and my mum and my little brother have visited me here  in London. So my mum baked me an apple cake (not a pie) as my birthday cake (well I requested that from her). It is very basic cake and even my brother could have baked it, but it brings back good childhood memories… Well, around twenty years ago, when I think I was 9years old my mum baked it for my personal birthday party where the only guests were me and her (I had a bigger birthday party on the weekend but my actual birthday was on weekday). So I remember I really liked it as it was quite nice to have another birthday “party”!…

Other then the cake, me and my family visited the Legoland in Windsor (I used my little brother, who is aged 9 years as an excuse to visit there…). I think what I liked most is the mini London made out of Lego (never mind the long queues and the fact that we only were able to make to seven rides through all day because of that). Here are the pics…

And back to my birthday cake, here is the recipe…


Ingredients:  5 apples (medium size)
7 eggs
8 tbsp sugar
8 tbsp flour (with the heap)
Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

1. Preheat the oven to 180C and grease the baking tin with butter
2. Cube the apples (remove seeds, but no need to peal the apple peal) and put them into the bottom of the tin
3.  To make the cake mixture whisk eggs with the sugar until pale, then add flour and cinnamon (if wanted).
4. Pour the mixture over the cubed apples and put into oven. Bake the cake for around an hour until golden brown.

I hope you like it ;)

Rasa xox


Inspired by Sims game… (if you not in it please skip this)

I promised to someone (anonymous) to write a feedback about my previous bake sale, but I took quite a long time as you can see :(. You see…. I got addicted to Sims (literally) and I know that is very sad story, but this was the reason why I took sooo long to write this post (I will write more about this in the minute). Anyway, the bake sale… it was great experience, even though it wasn’t as busy as the previous one  (I blame the rain for that!). But it was still fun as Bekka (my thoughtful helper) managed to keep me entertained at all times!… And, as embarrassed as I am (can’t be more embarrassed after my Sims confession) I did try to dance ballet…

And here are few pics from the actual bake sale as well as new mini bakes, the mini cheesecakes…

Now back to Sims(if you have never played it this might sound like gibberish to you, so I recommend you skip it to the last paragraph)… Initially I got addicted to actual Sims computer game (later I got addicted to the Facebook Sims Social as well) and then only lived “their” life (or shall I say I was creating my own), even at night until 6am in the morning sometimes! I think what got me addicted is that I could achieve everything so easily… So, I have joined culinary career at Little Corsican Bistro where I started as The Kitchen Scullion (apparently the one who gets all the rubbish jobs from Chef) and meanwhile  I was learning recipes (some interesting ones like Goopy Carbonara, Eggs Machiavellian  and Baked Angel Food Cake that I would like to try to make in real life) from books at home so I could get up the level in cooking.  Eventually I became Five-Star Chef earning 350 Simeons per hour and recipe Librarian (???), builded a big house (not so pretty but really practical!), Had five children (long story, but in my defence one was adopted), and became “Filthy Rich” (at least that’s the phrase they use to describe rich people :D). I even bought that Little Corsican Bistro and renamed it to The Friendly Nettle Cafe! So after all this no wonder I got inspired (or shall I say I got carried away) to take similar actions in real life… Last Sunday I popped in to one of my favourite cafes by Cambridge Heath  station to  “join culinary career”…. Turns out they did not have any vacancies, I suppose it is not that easy to get any job in this life :(

To end on the happy note here is the recipe for the best seller so far, the Banoffee cupcakes. After all, this is supposed to be the feedback for my bake sale;)


Ingredients:     300g flour
1tbsp baking power
1 egg
200ml milk
150g soft brown sugar
85g melted butter
2 bananas
150ml double cream (preferably elmlea)
Milk based toffee ( to make it boil a can of condensed milk for three hours) or 4 tablespoons of dulce de leche

1. Preheat the oven to 200C and line 12-hole muffin pan with cupcake cases.
2. Sift flour and baking powder into the mixing bawl
3. In separate bowl beat the egg with milk, than add the sugar, melted butter and chopped banana. Mix it all up and tip it into the flour. After mixing it one more time divide the mixture into the cup cases.
4. Bake for about 25min until cupcakes are risen and golden (I am usually tempted to eat them at this stage… but don’t, you will enjoy it even more with the topping!)
5. So, whip the Elmlea cream. I recommend Elmlea, because it goes velvety (not grainy) and never turns yellow! I know this might sound like I am promoting this brand but it is really good. I give the credit for this discovery to my dear friend Jacqueline who suggested this as I was not happy with double cream I was always using.
6. Pipe (or spoon) the double cream on the top of the cupcakes and follow it by toffee swirl.

Enjoy ;)



Another bake sale, but not any less important!

 Well…. for those who missed my previous bake sale, not to worry… here comes another one! I am expecting it to be bigger, better, sweeter … and so on. So please bring yourself here on 27th of August and no, I won’t be dancing ballet (just serving you with the mini bakes as always). Just that I used to like ballet when I was a child, but my mum send me to learn folk dancing instead :(… So I thought I will send my children to learn the ballet dancing… not any more after seeing Black Swan movie….
Anyway, I hope to see you soon:-)



After my first bake sale….

I just wanted to give you all thanks to who was buying my bakes last Sunday! It was great success as it raised £112 for the LoveUkraine Mission… and that’s after deducting baking costs! Anyway.. here are the pics!

Rasa :)

My first bake sale!

There you go, my first bake sale! Please attend! I am really excited for this :D. I know that the prices are high, but this is only for a good cause and the money will go to support Love Ukraine mission 2011. The address is…..
Highway Church Building
88A Romford Road
E15 4EH
So… be there on 7th of August at 3.30pm :)
Rasa xox