How to give yourself a haircut at home

How to give yourself a haircut at homeOk, I am not a hairdresser and I am never going to be one. And in case you were thinking, I am not going to turn this blog into hair-do tutorial site. All I needed is to trim my hair for now until my next visit to hairdressers. Up until now my experiences include cutting my eyelashes at the age of 5 (yes, my parents were horrified) and trimming my fringe at the age of 9 one centimetre long because I just could not get it straight enough (although I did learned that few years ago, thanks to my friend Suzanne!).

So if you can imagine I was really really desperate to learn to at least trim my hair ends. This is when I figured I could learn it and blog about it! First I read what tools to get (those were not many, just a good comb and most importantly hair cutting scissors or at least fabric scissors). Later on, almost few moments before cutting my hair, I came across this ponytail hair cutting technique. After reading this and that I finally made a decision to make a move and actually cut my hair! Here is what I learned…

To cut your hair you will need good scissors (if you don’t have hair scissors then fabric scissors should do the trick), a headband (for ponytail of course!) and a a hair brush. The best thing about this method is that you don’t need to wash your head before cutting your hair and it is quite quick as well. So you can do this anytime even if you are in the rush!How to give yourself a haircut at homeTo prepare you will need to tie your hair into tidy ponytail (this is where the hairbrush comes handy!). This method is all about the the position of the ponytail. So if you tie a low ponytail right at the neck then after cutting your hair you should get almost straight hair with possible short layers.How to give yourself a haircut at homeIf you tie the ponytail centred at the middle of the top of your head, then medium layers is what you should get.How to give yourself a haircut at homeIf long layers suits you best then you should tie the ponytail right on the top of the head (this may look a little silly though!).How to give yourself a haircut at homeI decided to go with layers as previously my hair was cut straight. I though long layers would work well with my wavy hair and besides I have long enough hair to play if that went wrong. So at this stage all I needed to do was to cut the ponytail straight!How to give yourself a haircut at homeThe result have been amazing. I have never thought cutting my hair would be so easy. I am really pleased with layers although I am very keen to try the medium layers next time (will let you know how that goes!How to give yourself a haircut at home How to give yourself a haircut at homeAnd this is how much hair I have cut away. Seems loads, but it doesn’t feel like my hair length changed that much (which is a good thing!). How to give yourself a haircut at homeHave you tried cutting your hair before?

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