Goat’s milk and roasted rhubarb ice cream

Goat milk and rhubarb ice cream

All I could do today is eat the ice cream: hot days are finally here!! I love to experiment with flavours, so I thought goat’s milk and rhubarb will go well. I have seen goat’s milk and chocolate ice-cream before (did not taste it as I don’t like the chocolate ice-cream) and I really liked the idea of using goat’s milk to make the ice-cream. After making this twice, I think I reached the perfection!

Goat milk and rhubarb ice creamGOAT MILK AND RHUBARB ICE CREAM

  • 3-5 rhubarb stalks (chopped) + 35g sugar+ 1/2 lemon juice
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 100g sugar
  • 250ml goat’s milk
  • 125g goat’s yogurt

1. Roast rhubarb with sugar and lemon juice in 200C oven for 20-30min.

roasting rhubarb for goat milk ice cream

2. Meanwhile make the cream by whisking the eggs with sugar. Heat the milk in the saucepan (do not let it reach the boiling point) and pour it over egg yolks.Mix the egg milk well and pour it back to the saucepan. Cook it on the small heat (just in case as it is very important not to get it boiled) and mix continuously until it becomes thick (about 10 min). At this stage it is best to cool the mixture down by placing the pot in the cold water as when you get the right consistency it is best not to overcook it.

3. Puree roasted rhubarb and combine it together with yogurt and egg cream.

4. Pour the mixture into the shallow container and put it into freezer. Every hour or so scrape off the sides of the container and fluff  the ice-cream with the fork. Repeat this 3-5times and after that you can let it stay in the freezer until it is completely frozen or the time when you want to have a cool sweet treat.

Goat milk and rhubarb ice cream

Goat milk and rhubarb ice cream

Goat milk and rhubarb ice cream

Enjoy the sunshine ;-)

Rasa x


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