My 2016 resolutions

my 2016 goals!Writing New Year resolutions is my favourite thing to do on New Years Eve! I love it more than celebrating. I did not even stay up till midnight this time, instead I woke up the next morning feeling it’s a New Year with new beginnings… exciting! After reflecting on 2015 and realising what worked and what did not I was able to create even better goal plan this year… or at least I hope so. I decided I need to be even more organised and make sure to keep it simple as my life have been turned upside down with little Lukas in my life ;-). This is why I decided to make 5 goals rather than 7. Here they are!

1. Upgrade Friendly Nettle website. Same as last year unfortunately, but I am more determined this year so I am still feeling hopeful!

2. Turn our house into home. As you know we purchased our first family home last year but after Lukas arrival did not have a time to do any home improovement on it yet. Hopefully 2016 is the year!

3. Learn to take better pictures. Again same as last year :(. I do have a better plan for it this year, you just wait and see!

4. Teach Lukas to Swim. Ok, I have few goals hidden in this one! First, I always dreamed of teaching my baby to swim but I also get to exercise with him. Hopefully this will help me to come back to my original shape which wasn’t great either after last year’s Christmas (I mean 2014 Christmas :-0). Secondary (which is not related to swimming) I am hoping to get into the habit of not overeating so that kind of helps me to get fit. Am I making any sense here?

5. Grow cucumbers :-). I know, this is the most random goal I ever had. This has been suggested by my wonderful mum in-law! At first I thought that’s silly, but then I thought it could mean more than growing cucumbers. It could mean doing a little bit of gardening! After all I HAVE a garden this year! Not making crazy transformations in the garden just yet (you know, focusing on my no.2 goal), but growing temporary annuals could be quite satisfying while not committing to big landscape changes such as planting perennials or shrubs.   my 2016 goals! my 2016 goals!I hope you had fun with creating resolutions for this year!

Rasa xoxo

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