My reflections on 2018

My reflections on 2018As I sit here and reflect on the past year, I am actually panicking due to the many tasks I still need to complete. It has been a busy year indeed! I think I need to accept that some of the goals I planned were not achieved. But that’s ok, right? Having set goals does not mean you have to achieve them all, but have them as a guideline to keep you focused. And I definitely felt focused this year. Therefore I decided today to reflect on what I have achieved so I can set new goals for the next year instead. Sounds fair? I think so!My reflections on 20181. This year I have created more art, thanks to my watercolour challenge. Not only has it been lot’s of fun, but also taught me a new few tricks for handwriting and definitely created more wall art that I can hang on our wall. My reflections on 2018 My reflections on 2018 My reflections on 20182. I really enjoyed the gardening, thanks to my goal to create a child friendly garden. We  were very lucky with the green house and very hot summer. Gardening has been the most enjoyable goal so far! I think I will carry on gardening next year as well!!  My reflections on 2018 My reflections on 20183. We have had the most enjoyable holidays. Although we did not plan most of it, the trip to France with friends made my year!My reflections on 20184. I enjoyed more walks this year, discovered our local forest and a new forest school for kids too! We have even started sharing one car to reduce costs and motivate me to do more walking. Hope to walk even more this year as we start doing school runs.My reflections on 2018 5. Have been more experimental with baking thanks to all the birthday cakes I baked for both of my kids!My reflections on 2018 6. And finally we have completed our kitchen renovations! Although I thought we would have completed it earlier this year, we took a little longer then expected. We have however have something exciting coming up next year, so bear with us ;-).My reflections on 2018Happy New Year everyone!

Rasa xoxo

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