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Watercolour challenge: brush lettering

Last month I was reviewing my yearly goals and I realised that I was nowhere close to learning calligraphy. This is when I decided that I needed to focus on hand lettering, hence watercolour brush lettering! I also used bible verses for this project so that way I could meditate on the word as well […]


Watercolour challenge: underwater

Last month while exploring Carhaix-Plougue in France I was surprised to see so many creative wall murals around. These were mostly underwater creatures and seaweed that were appearing not only on the walls. There were few similar artworks displayed on the windows too.  So inspired by all this art I decided to paint similar art for […]


My reflections on 2018

As I sit here and reflect on the past year, I am actually panicking due to the many tasks I still need to complete. It has been a busy year indeed! I think I need to accept that some of the goals I planned were not achieved. But that’s ok, right? Having set goals does not mean you […]