October favourites

Autumn posterI have been a bit silent in October. That’s because we were patiently waiting for our baby to come!

Now when the wait is over, let me introduce you to our son Lukas Futvoye Pelham :). We are so happy (and a little bit tired of course)!! Lukas Futvoye Pelham pregnancy weeksLukas turned out to be a big boy. To our surprise he weighed 5.34kg (11lb 12.5oz)!!! No wonder he did not fit the hat and socks I knitted for him. Anyone fancy these? Let me know and I will send it to you instead of giving them to the charity ;-). knitted baby hat and socks, too small :(In terms of house renovations we decided to sort our bedroom out first. Our friend from church is finishing painting it as we speak.Our bedroom to be in progressIt would all be good, but we came across some nicotine stains which are harder to disguise than you think! So far we tried few white paint coats and a stain block (we have high hopes for it!!). Hopefully this is the end to this problem.nicotine stains :(Happy Autumn!

Rasa xoxo

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