Panemunė forest

I just came back from Lithuania and i could not wait until I can share about our forest. Me and my mum went for a walk everyday here because it is just outside my parent’s house. I know it may look dull as it is still an early spring but it is magical in winter or summer. Sadly, one thing I could not transfer into the pics is the smell of pines and oaks :-).Panemunė ForestAlthough there was a storm 4.5 years ago that destroyed 1/3 of forest, the consequences of it are still apparent today. Panemunė ForestEven if mini forest is growing to replace the lost one (It’s a looooong process)Panemunė Forest Panemunė ForestAnd there is a river! (the biggest river in Lithuania called Nemunas)Panemunė Forest Panemunė Forest Panemunė Forest Panemunė ForestI hope you liked our mini forest tour ;-)

Rasa xoxo


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