How to sew without a sewing machine

hand stitching tutorial, how to sew without a sewing machineToday I thought I would give you a tutorial on how to hand sew. It’s sometimes much easer to do small things (alterations or a project) with just a needle and thread rather than getting the sewing machine out. Interested? Click here for a full tutorial! If not, carry on reading while I am trying to convince you to see hand sewing in a different light. blanket stitchAlthough sewing machines are often useful for big projects as they are faster, neater and more efficient, hand stitching has also many plus points. Here are few of my favourites.

  • Hand stitching is cheaper (because you only need a needle and thread)
  • You don’t need a big set up or space
  • A needle and tread doesn’t mess with you like a sewing machine (it never pulls your stitches and never gets lose or tight)
  • Hand sewing is peaceful and quiet (some sewing machines can be really loud)
  • Hand sewing can be social, you can work on projects in a social craft club(you can’t do that with a sewing machine! Ha!)
  • Hand sewing is portable (you can sew on the train or bus!)

top alteration using hand stitching techniquesHere is an example where I used hand stitching to sew a lace insert on the t-shirt, I finished the raw edges with a blanket stitch!top alteration using hand stitching techniques back stitchI used a combination of stitches such as blanket stitch and back stitch to complete this handbag organiser insert. I loved how it turned out :-).Bag organiser insert made without the use of sewing machine Bag organiser insert made without the use of sewing machine invisible/ladder stitchI used invisible/ladder stitch on many occasions, even if I used sewing machine to begin with. You see a lot of stuffed toys and pillows require a gap in the seam which is used for stuffing. To close it neatly invisible/ladder stitch is the best, because you just don’t see it (really invisible)!Hand stitching to finish off a pillowHand stitching to finish off a pillowOk, I am not trying to convince you that you should completely ditch your sewing machine. Because sewing machines are very useful and fast. I am only trying to open your eyes to more possibilities with hand stitching.  Here is a link to a tutorial again ;-).

I hope this has been useful to you!

Rasa xoxo


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