Quick Jewellery

As Vickie was moving away from London to Twickenham (she has started there her new job with children) there was lots unwanted items to give away. Jewellery was one of them. Do you have any unwanted jewellery that you no longer wear? If yes, this post is for you. That’s because here I will share how I have made some simple jewellery by reusing Vickie’s beaded accessories! I started by breaking some necklaces down and then just playing around with ribbons and other beads that I had. That was quite fun, which kept me occupied for couple of days.

This necklace was one of the first. I made it by incorporating large beads with ribbon and some elasticated see-trough string.

The other necklace I made after seeing this on Pinterest.
Have fun with beads!
Rasa xo
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