San Francisco: “Tartine Bread” book


Guess what! I am off to San Francisco just in next hour… going alone and don’t know anybody out there, hopefully I will make some new friends ;)

Just few months ago I have been given opportunity to pick any place on the world (I mean any) and with no research done I picked San Francisco! Why? Well, thats because I have this book (completely in love with it!)”Tartine Bread” by Chad Robertson and knowing it is from San Francisco I got inspired to sometime visit there, because I really really loved the pictures with lots and lots of country side and some urban lifestyle!… And much later I discovered that this is not quite true, San Francisco is actually a city! Lesson learned not to pick flights when research is not done!



But, hey, I will make best out of this! I am actually looking forward to the adventure that awaits me! While I am there I promise  to try something that I have never done and travel like I am the local there! Will keep you posted :)

Rasa xo

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