San Francisco: Being there ;)


My holidays in San Francisco is coming to an end and I am excited to tell you that I have met some interesting people that I hope to keep in touch ;)

I find it difficult to describe this city in one sentience as it is so diverse  and multi cultured in more defined ways to compare to London. Every part of it looks almost like a different country (literally). However here I picked my favourite point of view…


As you already know, I love nature and San Francisco greenery is no exception! I have never quite experienced a Beach in the City :D




I love how succulents and cacti just grow wild outdoors! In London I am limited to Aloe and other similar type of plants indoors.


I discovered another cute plant! It’s a Tillandsia, otherwise called air plant. It can be used to make those tiny (or large) terrariums as it needs no soil to grow in, just an occasional mist. I am so making one sometime soon!


I have visited some pretty vintage shops, cafes and bookshops, most of them in the Mission District, my favourite area in San Francisco so far.




Today I have tried pear and goat cheese tart! I love trying interesting flavour combinations! If you do too, try Berry Crumble Cheesecake (with goat cheese).

My ice-cream tasting went to another level! I tried basil, honey&lavender, balsamic strawberry, plum, fig&amaretto, brown sugar banana, roasted corn, peanut chip, cardamom and finally a cranberry muesli. I can’t wait until I make my own! For now try my very spontaneous ice-cream ;)


And finally, what I love most is to escape to the beach (just 30min away from the city by bus)….



Rasa xo


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