The moment of Desperate Housewives

I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of the American sitcom “Desperate Housewives”. In fact that’s the only TV program I watch! Anyway, there is one part I find really funny where Bree (the one that has her own catering business) tried to steal the recipe from Katherine (one of her neighbors in Wisteria Lane). It all started when “the girls” (other neighbours) liked Katherine’s lemon meringue pie better than Bree’s. Bree of course gets jealous (as you may all know she likes to be the best in baking). Initially she asks for the recipe, but to my surprise Katherine refuses! So Bree goes for even more shocking action and tries to steal it by breaking into the the Katherine’s house…. I always wonder why in Wisteria Lane people don’t lock their door? Is this what they do in USA? That surely would not work in London if you can imagine!

Anyway, few weeks ago I had a similar situation. My best friend Vicki’s birthday was coming up and I was looking for a good cake recipe she would really like. I knew Vicki loves cheesecakes, chocolate, coffee and alcohol (sometimes I am even concerned that she might be an alcoholic… ha ha, only joking ;-)). Anyway, I remembered that she really liked the cake that one girl (her name is Jada) from my Church made . It was a cake made of cookies, cream and of course alcohol! I decided to ask Jada for the recipe as I knew she got it from her aunt. And guess what, Jada told me that her aunt does not want to give that recipe away!!!  I was gobsmacked! How can this be? At that point I felt exactly like Bree felt, I finally could relate and understand her motivations to commit her “crime”. I bet if Jada’s aunt was living in the setting of Wisteria Lane and especially if she did not lock her house door, I would be definitely tempted to steal that recipe! Never mind,  I have realized that I still live in London and I absolutely have no idea where Jada’s aunt lives. So I had to come up with more civilized option. I decided to create a recipe from my own memory of how that desert tasted. I can only say that the cake came out successful and it managed to generate me some praising (that I always love!).  And… Jada, if you are reading this, I am definitely not upset. I am actually really proud of you that you managed to keep the promise you gave to your aunt :)


1 can coconut milk (400ml)
1tsp icing sugar (if coconut milk is not creamy)
40g creamed coconut (if coconut milk is not creamy)
200ml coconut flavor rum (otherwise known as “Malibu”)
640g cookies (I prefer all butter ones!)
300ml double cream
tiny bit of dark chocolate for decoration

1. Mix coconut milk with the rum.
First time I made this cake ( when testing the ingredients) I bought coconut milk that was creamy and thick. but when I was making it second time (for the actual birthday) I bought different brand (“Island Sun”) and it came runny and not as sweet as previous brand. I was initially panicking, but quickly fixed it with a little bit of icing sugar (I find that icing sugar blends easier) and creamed coconut (luckily I had it in my cupboard!). I think it came out as good as the first time!
2. Dip cookies in badges and let it soak in rum and coconut milk mix for a little but no longer than 3min (otherwise it will turn into porridge!)
3. Line all soaked cookies into the spring form.
4. Whip double cream and cover cookies with it (Just don’t whip it too much as then it is difficult for it to get through the cookies’ gaps). I Don’t think Jada put double cream in her cake but I did it so my cake looks pretty :D
5. Decorate it with flaked chocolate (just take the bit of plain dark chocolate and run knife edge trough it. At least that’s the way I find the easiest to flake the chocolate.
6. Before enjoying keep it in the fridge for at least one night (Don’t be tempted to put into freezer).

Whats your favourite cake?

Rasa :)

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  1. Rasa Varanauskaite March 20, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    This Post is Dedicated to Jurga who wanted to have the recipe in Lithuanian.


    400ml kokoso pieno
    1 arb saukstelis cukraus pudros (jei to saldumo truputi truksta)
    40g kokoso kremo (jei tas pienas per nelyg skystas)
    200ml balto kokoso skonio romo (“malibu”)
    640g sausainiu (angliskai vadinamu “cookies”)
    300ml grietineles
    mazo gabaliuko tamsaus sokolado

    1. Ismaisyk kokoso piena su romu (jei netycia nusipirkai per nelyg skysta ir nesaldu piena tai pridek kokoso kremo ir cukraus pudros)
    2. mirkyk sausainius romo ir kokoso pieno misinije (neilgiau nei 3min bet leisk sausainiams truputi suminksteti)
    3. Ismirkintus sausainius sudek i forma kuri turi issimama dugna
    4. Isplak grietinele (bet ne per daug) ir apdenk ja sasainius
    5.Padekoruok istrupintu sokoladu
    6.Palaikyk saldytuve bent jau per nakti.

  2. Viktorija Vaitiekute March 20, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

    Thank you Rasa for backing this AMAZING cake for me! And thank you for this recipe! Oh, and I know you still have a bottle of that Malibu left! Can I have it??? :o)

  3. Rasa Varanauskaite March 22, 2011 at 2:02 am #

    baking? If you meant baking, I wasn’t baking it… :)… And “malibu” anytime whenever you visit me, I will make you a pinecolada!

  4. Principessa March 22, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    Love the whole story!! ;] too bad I don’t like alcohol.. Otherwise I would try it! :]

  5. Viktorija Vaitiekute March 29, 2011 at 12:31 am #

    Making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Baking (and definitely not backing – just checked in the dictionary what that means.. :D) !!!!!!!!!!!!

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