Things I look forward to in April

the edible garden show

April is tomorrow! Another month of spring ;-). Here are few things I look forward to this month:

1. GARDENING! Every year I take time to plan what I am going to plant or sow in my little urban garden. I absolutely love doing that! However through four years of gardening I made plenty mistakes. My common failure is that I often plant the plants too close to each other. Hopefully this year is going to be different and everything will grow in harmony ;-). Just for fun, here is how my garden looked like 4 years ago (trust me, it turned into jungle soon after).


2. EASTER, it’s time with friends and family! Really looking forward to that. Hmm… should I paint the eggs or should I eat a lot of chocolate ones? I really like these Easter eggs that are simple and really pretty. I found them on the Joy Ever After blog that I absolutely love!

easter eggs

3. WARM AND SUNNY DAYS. I know, I know we had some of those already, but more of spring-like weather would be a bonus ;-). I am looking forward to wearing my spring wardrobe. Need to make those dresses very soon!

Spring dresses from fleet collection

4. MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSE. We went to part 1 already and both of us are looking forward to part 2. Really recommended for couples that are engaged or not engaged!

Have a lovely week :-)

Rasa xoxo

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