Things I look forward to in May

This is my home: Friendly Nettle

I can’t believe its another month gone, last month of Spring! Here is what I am looking forward in May:

1. MY HOUSE RENOVATION TO BE FINISHED! Generally I like decorating my home and adding all those creative details in it. But currently I am insulating the walls, so if you can imagine it is quite boring :-(. Really looking forward to finish so I can move on to fun stuff.

This is my home: Friendly Nettle

2. TIME TO PICNIC as I am dreaming about summer! I recently came across this lovely website called The English Muse, even if the author is completely not English. I really love their outdoor photography!

Dreaming of Picnic

3. BABY SHOWER, not mine of course! My really really good friend Suzanne, who is about to pop out the baby and is my Matron of Honour (such a funny title must I say) a month after. I amazed by her dedication!

When it comes to Baby Shower gifts I love the creative ideas. This DIY Hospital Survival Kit is so much cooler than all those diaper bouquet displays (I think you know what I mean).

Babyshower gift idea

Happy May!

Rasa xoxo

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