Year two with books: “A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian”

My thoughts on book "A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian" I have read this book a month ago but did not find the time to write about it. Where did all the time go?! We were busy DIYing and Lukas was ill for a while. Hopefully back to track now!

Ok, here is what I thought about a book, it was as amazing as the other book Marina Lewicka wrote. Maybe “Two Caravans” were slightly better, but only slightly! I really enjoyed reading it while Joni was drinking cider from Normandy which added more senses into the story. There was lots of apples involved, because the main character liked picking apples, storing them and cooking them. So you can imagine me smelling the cider, which smelled like fermented apples made me feel like I am in the story as well :D.

What I liked about it? Everything of course! like “Two Caravans” there was a strong Eastern Europe culture feel to it, although this time it is mostly focused on Ukrainian culture. The writing style is quite different as well compare to the other book of same author. This time story is told by younger sister Nadia who tries to understand this highly hilarious and a little sad story from few different angles. And if you know me, I looove analysing conflicts from different angles (as long as I am not in it of course) :D.

What I did not like about it? Nothing in particular, I think it was a really good novel with lots of drama in it! Ok maybe the only thing I found boring is the actual History of Tractors that the main character wrote, but I guess that was essential setting for the background and besides it goes along with the title of the book!

Is it worth buying? I think if you can understand Eastern Europe culture and be able to see positive as well as negative (seeing good in person even if that person seem complete evil) than give a try! I personally don’t regret in buying the book :).My thoughts on book "A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian"Next up is “According To Yes” by Dawn French. I expect this is going to be reeeaaaaaly good!

Rasa xoxo

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