Year two with books: “Riding Rockets” review

My thoughts on Astronaut Mike Mullane memoirI have been holidaying last week even though it did not feel like holidays at all as I had Lukas with me.  It’s just not the same anymore! I found it difficult to relax and do my usual holiday stuff such as sunbathing and sleeping (I know, you might be thinking my expectations were very high). I think I will have to find a new way to a holiday and when I do find it I will certainly let you know ;-).

Ok, it wasn’t thaaaaat bad! There were handful of people who were willing to look after Lukas sometimes. Therefore I did manage to read through this book that wasn’t easy to read at all. All those abbreviations and technical words needed some explanation from Joni. In the end I did enjoy it and thinking to read more astronaut memoirs!

What I like about it? The honesty! It was refreshing and sometimes shocking to hear what Mike Mullane thought about woman astronauts, how his body reacted to space (very private information!) and what they would do to go to space (basically anything). I also enjoyed reading a rich description of a beautiful light show in space.

What I did not like about it? I think reading about Mike’s emotional roller coaster while he was waiting to be assigned to a mission and then waiting for it to launch. I found it very tiring to read. His dissatisfaction with NASA management were too depressing. The only thing that kept me going is knowing that this book would not exist if Mike Mullane never went to space.

Is it worth buying it? I think yes, although Joni recommends reading “Carrying the Fire” by Michael Collins. He was the command module pilot on apollo 11! My thoughts on Astronaut Mike Mullane memoirI hope you found this useful ;-)

Rasa x

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