Bicycle trip to Richmond

Lee Valley

And this is how our journey to Richmond started. Alex planned the route, I packed the lunch and sky … well.. it delivered sun!!

Lee Valley cannel

Luckily Alex is an expert on picking scenic cycling routs so most of our trip took place around the rivers and canals. I love the river around my neighbourhood ♥. For more reads about River Lea go here.

Elderflower berries

While I was cycling I noticed that lots of Elderflower trees turned to Elderberries. I did a little research and found out that you can make jelly, cordial or even liqueur with it ;)


Such a quick scenery change as we went along! I loved riverside cafes and even cafe-boats!



At the Limehouse we had to leave the river, but not for good…


Passed the central London of course ;)


Lunch at Chelsea Park: bacon tart, elderflower and poppyseed cake and rye bread sandwiches that were really yummy. I will share the recipe some time soon ;)


So after ups and downs (my bike tire went flat that got luckily fixed), we get reunited with our friend Vicki! YAY!!


We can’t get enough of the riverside as more walks by the river continues…




IMG_3972 IMG_4004


But the time to say goodbyes is always round the corner, but not for good!

Thanks to Vicki for making our trip memorable.

Rasa :)


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