Walk by the river Lea


Last Sunday was quite spontaneous for me. In afternoon I popped in to my neighbour’s who suggested we go for a walk. What? For a walk? I know no parks around here in London where I live! However I went along and took Sarah (my new flatmate) with me. After 20min we reached a river Lea surrounded by nature and filled with cute residential boats. Such a quick scenery change!





I love how people living in the boats grow herbs and veg on their roofs. Such a dainty little garden!





And the names for the boats are super amazing!


Sarah found her own ;)




And we were so lucky as Collin, who lives in one of those boats gave us a tour on living such a lifestyle.



I love his artistic style, especially his desk that he made himself from upcycled scrap wood!


And small, but practical kitchen that seems to fit everything….


Including cookery books! Collin said he likes cooking for people and that we are invited for dinner some time soon… Thanks, Collin, for your hospitality ;-)




On the way back I collected some Elderflower, maybe I will make some cordial tomorrow…


Have you walked around your neighbourhood recently?

Rasa xo



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