Hampton Court Palace Flower Show


I was in the Flower Show today at the Hampton Court Palace! Which was fun as I have seen so many inspirational garden set-ups. Maybe some of them were unpractical, but still pretty to look at :). I think the most bizarre thing I have seen is the garden filled with artificial fog, that was really spooky!


Many stuff were for sale, not only plants but also a garden deco, equipment and lots and lots of advice (maybe this last one wasn’t for sale as it came free).  I asked what to do with my lawn as I really really destroyed it due to not cutting it regularly and not removing leafs in the autumn. I have been recommended to cut it ASAP, drop more grass seeds in and keep watering it in this hot season. Yes Sir, I feel much more hopeful about my garden now!


But the main theme I noticed is the wild flowers. It is so cool to see that it became trendy to recreate a meadow in the garden :)



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