It’s a hold up! Feathers McGraw strikes again! (as a door stopper)

Feathers McGraw door stopper DIYDo you remember this from Wallace & Gromit “The Wrong Trousers”? If not then I really really recommend watching it! I love every detail of this stop motion movie. Joni and I particularly like the Feathers McGraw character, notorious criminal mastermind and bird of many faces. He is so mysterious and funny at the same time! Joni suggested that  I should make my next door stopper just like him :-). Feathers McGraw door stopper DIY Feathers McGraw door stopper DIY

Feathers McGraw Door Stopper temporary patternI wanted to make Feathers McGraw in his chicken disguise, but sadly making his comb (aka the rubber glove on his head) did not quite work out. The fabric I used (PVC sort of fabric as I thought this would represent rubber glove best) did not invert back well after stitching on the wrong side. Maybe you have better ideas for this? Maybe thinner fabric? Anyways, the pattern above is an initial pattern that worked well, minus the chicken comb. Click HERE to see how I made it!Feathers McGraw door stopper DIYFeathers Mcgraw turned out quite friendly after all, he serves as a perfect door stopper :). Really pleased with this project!Feathers McGraw door stopper DIYI hope you will enjoy this project too!

Rasa :)

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