Knitting basic socks (part 2)

basic sock knittingKnitting socks is super fun. At least this is my favourite thing to knit! And yes it can involve many knitting needles, but this is nothing that you should be scared of! Although I get lots of people terrified when they see me knitting socks, knitting with 5 double ended needles is easer than you think! basic sock knittingLast year we talked about sock knitting and we learned (hopefully) to knit socks for adults (with pretty patterns!). This year I am making this learning process even simpler! No colour motive patterns, just pure sock knitting for kids. Yes, knitting socks in kids sizes is fast and easy way to learn. And if you have no kids than you can always donate or give it as a gift! But at least you will be doing same things over and over again (such a good way to learn!) instead of being stuck with one big sock. Click here for a full project. basic sock knittingOnce you have learned knitting basic socks, you can move on to knitting socks with pretty colourful patterns. Like these here! Although they all been added on Photoshop… basic sock knitting basic sock knitting basic sock knittingI hope you are feeling inspired and ready to knit some socks ;-)


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