My maternity wear wish list

Rubber band trick to adapt jeans for maternityAccording to my pregnancy apps today I am half way in my pregnancy (as difficult as it is to believe it!!). Although I look like I just ate a really good breakfast (don’t look very pregnant at all), I no longer fit into my regular jeans :-(. I tried the rubber band trick on the jeans to fit my new shape (pic above), but that only worked for few weeks or so. After that I had a phase of wearing dresses only. Right now I am a proud owner of two pairs of maternity jeans! I initially planned to make some alterations to my existing jeans, but then realised I did not have any not-so-liked jeans that I could risk and destroy.

So far I have two lovely maternity dresses (one from Mothercare and one from M&S), very comfy boyfriend cut jeans and super good looking skinny jeans. I am thinking I need to get nice shorts as well, but not too sure if it will be practical since I will be wearing them maximum for two months…My wish list: H&M Mama denim shortsWould love to own this so-it-seems-very-versatile black dress even if it’s a little pricy.  My wish list: Isabelle Oliver Arran Maternity DressI am also in love with this so-my-style dress, however a bit not sure about it’s length. Maybe I should make my own?My wish list: ASOS maternity shirt dress And the last but not least, I am thinking I will need lots of basic vests. Can’t go wrong with them, can you?

Hope you have a great week and remember it is shorter then other weeks ;-)

Rasa xoxo

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