Making clotted cream from scratch

Making clotted cream from scratchHad a very tiring week (maybe it’s a baby thing). Really glad that it’s a bank holiday weekend!

Few months ago or so my mum was asking for the recipe for the “butter” that she tasted once with the “fruit cake” during her visit in England. It took me a while to figure out what she meant (could that be brandy butter?). Anyways it turns out it was the fruit scones with clotted cream. We obviously don’t have clotted cream in Lithuania so I said there is no recipe for it… until my mum in law told me it’s quite easy to make. So there we go, I finally decided to try it out and make it from scratch. I researched a little bit and it seemed that Nigella Lawson clotted cream recipe is most genuine, however it needed milk so I decided to go with the simpler ones such as this or this. I was hoping for thick gooey texture with the yellow “crust” on top. So I definitely did not like this or this.  At the end of my loooong experiment I got something like mascarpone, which is alright, but not perfect :(. Could that be because I used pasteurised cream? It did not say if it was ultra pasteurised I swear!Making clotted cream from scratchSo what I did was I got a pot of double cream from Tesco (300ml pot) and poured it into shallow casserole dish. I covered it and placed it into 90C preheated oven for about 8hours (I wonder how much energy did that use!). Making clotted cream from scratchAfter “baking” the cream looked like soft cheese, a little bit like mascarpone without any liquid or milk behind it. Making clotted cream from scratchBut it tasted wonderful with the scones! Will have to try making the clotted cream (hopefully from unpasteurised cream) in Lithuania. But I would never make it again in UK when clotted cream is so easily available in shops. Making clotted cream from scratchHave a lovely weekend!

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